Dan Wootton loses support as solid proof of catfishing has been revealed

GB News presenter Dan Wootton is once again under fire as Byline Times comes out with solid proof…

Dan Wootton loses support as solid proof of catfishing has been revealed
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Dan Wootton loses support as solid proof of catfishing has been revealed

Since mid July, presenter Dan Wootton has been the subject of a series of articles by independent publication Byline Times. Since Thursday 17 July, they have been alleging that the GB News presenter used the names ‘Martin Branning’ and ‘Maria Joseph’ in order to catfish former colleagues.

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According to Byline, the aliases were set up to get explicit videos of his colleagues without always getting their consent. It was also revealed that while he worked at The Sun, Dan Wootton had been seen 'bullying' and 'harassing' co-workers, specifically on the basis of their sexual orientation. Finally, so far, Byline alleges that his misconduct lasted for ten years.

In their newest article, Byline continues to solidify their claims. Indeed, they now present solid proof of their allegations. The time for claims is clearly over. And support for Dan Wootton has taken a massive hit…

The proof against Dan Wootton

On 3 August, Byline Times released another instalment of their three year investigation regarding Dan Wootton’s behaviour. While the first few articles were focused on making allegations and claims, using many witnesses, this new article presents solid proof.

An ‘unusual’ password

The main piece of evidence is damning. Indeed, Byline has managed to get hold of a password Dan Wootton allegedly used. This may seem innocent but he reportedly used the same password for his personal LinkedIn account as well as to access email addresses linked to the aliasesMartin Branning’ and ‘Maria Joseph.

They write:

the accounts used the same unusual eight-character password (...) Further analysis of the databases, which are openly available online, shows Wootton also used the same password for his LinkedIn and MySpace profiles

To stop any claims that the password could have been created by anyone other than than Wootton, Byline has made sure to commission an analysis by an expert that says:

the chances of Wootton’s password randomly duplicating those of Branning and Joseph were “vanishingly small”.

According to a cyber expert quoted by Byline, there were ‘at least five’ other email addresses attached to Wootton that used the same ‘unusual password’.

According to Byline, these solid pieces of evidence directly link to the witnesses they have interviewed.

Dan Wootton allegedly admits he is ‘Martin Branning’

Byline continues their exposé with this statement:

We have heard first-hand how Wootton told a friend “in moments of crisis” of his activities as Branning, and feared a “pile on” of victims should he be exposed.

This also concurs with Alex Truby’s testimony in which he says that Wootton admitted he was behind the alias when confronted with Truby’s findings.

The person behind ‘Maria Joseph’ confesses

Finally, the last piece of evidence the article presents is probably the most shocking and confusing. Indeed, the independent publication says they have testimonies of victims targeted by ‘Maria Joseph.’

In those testimonies, it is revealed that when one of them confronted ‘Joseph’ they admitted that they weren’t a woman.

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m actually a guy, would you ever get a bl*w job from a guy for good money if you knew it would be completely discreet?”

Moreover, another victim reveals that ‘Joseph’s’ Facebook profile was located in New Zealand where Wootton is from and which he visits regularly.

Byline specifies that everything they gathered was obtained legally.

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Support for Dan Wootton drastically lowers

Amid all the allegations and now proof presented to the public, support for the GB News presenter seems to be at an all time low. Indeed, when this first started, Wootton made a statement during his show denying the claims. This statement was welcomed by his fan.

Following this, Wootton launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to fund legal action against Byline.

While it seemed that the crowdfunding campaign was going well at first, it has not managed to go over the 40K mark since he shared it on X on 21 July.

More than that, until the 5 July, none of Dan Wootton’s employers had commented on the allegations. That is no longer the case. While The Sun and GB News remain quiet, Mail Online has officially paused Wootton’s column. This is a massive blow for the presenter as the allegations have now directly impacted his work. This is also a clear sign that the continuous claims can no longer be ignored even though mainstream media still won’t write about them.

Finally, Wootton continues to share clips of his daily show where he comments on the news, the royal family and the media. In the latest clip, he shared his comments on the fact that the ‘BBC are going through a bad run.’ The irony of this tweet didn’t go unnoticed in the comments.

I don't understand how Wootton is still on your broadcast without a trigger warning. He's hurt a lot of people allegedly - and is a reminder to abuse sufferers everywhere that most are not seen, believed, or heard when it counts.
When can we expect to see Dan interview Martin Branning?

So far, Dan Wootton continues to remain silent and so do The Sun and GB News. We expect more revelations to be made by Byline in the coming days and weeks.

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