Russell Brand and Dan Wootton's scandals already have more similarities than you'd expect

Since Channel 4 released its documentary uncovering Russell Brand’s scandal, the presenter has released a video on X reminiscent of another scandal…

The striking similarities between the Dan Wootton and Russell Brand scandals revealed
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The striking similarities between the Dan Wootton and Russell Brand scandals revealed

TW: rape, sexual assault, harassment

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On Saturday 16 September, Channel 4 released a documentary bringing to light allegations of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse against Russell Brand. These allegations have been linked by people online to other entertainment scandals.

So far in 2023, Russell Brand is the fourth presenter to be caught in such a scandal. However, while Phillip Schofield and Huw Edwards remained relatively quiet, both Dan Wootton and Russell Brand have decided to broadcast a response video.

Sharing it on X, both videos share several common points…

Both presenters become ‘the news

Just like Dan Wootton, Russell Brand is now subjected to the results of a journalistic investigation. While Brand’s was the result of a year-long collaboration (GB News says 4 years) between Channel 4, The Times and Sunday Times, Wootton’s is led only by independent publication Byline Times. However, Wootton’s investigation lasted for 3 years and we understand that it is still ongoing.

As a response to the strong allegations these investigations bring to light, both presenters have released videos and have denied the allegations. Both have done it in the same way.

Indeed, when watching both videos, you realise that they start with the same point: the people, who usually criticise and observe the media, have now become ‘the news’.

Both believe that there is a bigger ‘agenda at play’

In their videos refuting the allegations made against them, both argue that the attacks they are subjected to are part of a bigger picture.

Dan Wootton, on July 18, said:

He (Alex Truby) has created an untrue story about me and appears to have been working with an organisation who are intent on closing down this channel (GB News)

Now, on 16 September, Russell Brand says:

To see that transparency metastasized into something criminal that I absolutely deny makes me question, is there another agenda at play?

Both also believe that they are subjected to those stories because they are part of a system that works against the mainstream media.

Dan Wootton explained:

I do also know that there are dark forces out to try and take this brilliant channel down.
And that’s because GB News is the biggest threat to the establishment in decades, and they will stop at nothing to destroy us.

And Russell Brand:

It feel to me like there is a serious and concerted agenda to control these kind of spaces (social media) and these kind of voices, and I mean my voice along with your voice

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Both have strong supporters

Finally, both presenters, on top of refuting the allegations made against them, are saying that they will keep doing what they have been doing outside of the mainstream media.

Dan Wootton stated:

We will keep fighting for you because we’re a family here, and you’ve been with me since day one (...) We are trying to give a voice to the long forgotten people of the United Kingdom.

Moreover, they both take the time to acknowledge their supporters who have ‘had their backs.’ It is true that since both scandals have broken out, an insane wave of support for both men has taken over social media. Supporters of Wootton and Brand have shamed the mainstream media for their ‘coordinated attacks’ on them. Brand also claims that his fans have warned him that the mainstream media would come for him because he was coming 'too close to the truth.'

While we can’t say if either man is guilty of what they are accused of, the similarities in their response videos are uncanny and is a reflection of the British media and how it handles scandals that directly involve it.

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Amid Russell Brand scandal, pressure is mounting for GB News and Dan Wootton Amid Russell Brand scandal, pressure is mounting for GB News and Dan Wootton