Dan Wootton: The GB News presenter spotted on a rare public outing since suspension

Since being suspended from GB News at the end of September 2023, Dan Wootton had been nowhere to be found.

Dan Wootton seen in church
© Simon James / Getty Images
Dan Wootton seen in church

TW: mentions of bullying and sexual harassment

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Journalist and TV presenter Dan Wootton used to be a star of GB News. Even when accusations started emerging in July 2023 about his bullying, sexual harassment and catfishing, Wootton was kept on air.

However, at the end of September 2023, it all came crashing down when he was suspended by the channel. Officially his suspension is linked to a shocking sexist rant issued by former actor turned politician and presenter Laurence Fox while he was invited on Wootton’s show.

Since he was suspended, Wootton has made no comment and has been pretty much invisible. This left his viewers and supporters wondering where he was. But now we know that Wootton has not returned to New Zealand like rumours suggested.

Dan Wootton goes to Church

That is not a sentence we ever thought we were going to write. However, it is true. On Sunday 5 November, Calvin Robinson, also suspended from GB News, took to X to share some exciting news and pictures.

This post was Robinson’s way to celebrate his ordination and thank the friends who came to support him. That included Dan Wootton as we can see in a picture shared by Robinson.

As a reminder, Robinson was suspended from GB News after he publicly supported Dan Wootton and said that he would not appear on his show as long as it was hosted by someone other than him.

Dan Wootton’s fans are over the moon

For Dan Wootton’s supporters, this new picture was something they had been waiting for. Indeed, since he was suspended, they have been relentless in their efforts to know when he would make a comeback. Under GB News clips it is now the usual to read things like:

@mrmarkdolan is overrated 😒 Bring back @danwootton Ffs


Can you bring back @danwootton now please!! He is missed

This picture of Wootton out of hiding has fans overjoyed. Many have shared their happiness on X.

He was in Calvin’s pictures yesterday, front row in church. Was lovely to see him.
Congratulations Fr Calvin Robinson…has a wonderful ring to it, doesn’t it? Lovely to see the big man there to witness the big event @danwootton
lovely to see Dan Wootton supporting you.

However, while Dan Wootton went to church, it still appears like his return to TV screens is nowhere near and his career seems to be on pause.GB News remains mute on the topic and so does Wootton. However, as of today, Wootton’s page of the channel’s website still remains.

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Dan Wootton makes a rare nod to his suspension: What does this mean for his future at GB News? Dan Wootton makes a rare nod to his suspension: What does this mean for his future at GB News?