Dan Wootton: The TV presenter is no longer being investigated by Met Police

Dan Wootton has been ‘completely cleared’ and spoken out about the allegations made against him.

Dan Wootton investigation
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Dan Wootton investigation

Dan Wootton has been at the centre of a six-month investigation carried out by the Met Police. In October 2023, the Met announced that it was investigating a 40-year-old after the Byline Times handed the force a 28-page report in June alleging inappropriate and criminal behaviour from the individual. Wootton, who is a very high profile journalist and presenter, has always denied any criminal wrongdoing. Although he did admit to having made ‘errors of judgment’ in the past, he has now said that he was the victim of a ‘politically motivated witch-hunt through the left wing and social media’.

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Here’s everything you need to know about these latest developments, and how people are reacting to the news.

Wootton’s statement

Wootton was accused of having catfished former colleagues using fake online identities and orchestrating non-consensual voyeurism. In a statement issued through his lawyer, Wootton said these claims ‘were completely spurious – lies designed to destroy my career where complainants were actuated by malice’.

However, his reputational downfall is not entirely due to these allegations: in September 2023, he was suspended from GB News and then was sacked by MailOnline. This came after a misogynist discussion between Wootton and actor Laurence Fox about female political reporter Eva Evans was aired on television. Wootton apologised for his part in this scandal, but Fox then shared screenshots that revealed the presenter had joked about the exchange after it happened.

Wootton claimed in his statement that he knew he would be found innocent:

While I knew this would always be the outcome, the process is now the punishment, with social media acting as the executioner.
Margaret Thatcher once said that if you ever get trial by media, or guilt by accusation, that day freedom dies. She was right. It is high time that all of our ancient rights were once again upheld, chief among them the right to be presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

He went on, stating: ‘If it falls to me to be the champion of those rights, then so be it. It is a fight I am more than willing to take up, not just for me but for all of us.’

Reactions to Wootton’s update

When the allegations first surfaced, Wootton claimed that ‘cancel culture’ and social media had a massively amplifying effect on the affair. Some have found this to be hypocritical, given that Wootton was quick to point the finger at Johnny Depp during his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard. One user, @R3dFr3d23, wrote on X:

Dan Wootton will always be a disgusting, small-minded little man,for him to now complain about there being a witch hunt and being cancelled is ironic seeing as he tried his hardest to do the same to Johnny Depp!

Meanwhile, others wonder whether Wootton will take legal action against the Byline Times. @Jerrydendrons wrote:

If Dan Wootton was innocent he would have sued the f*** out of Byline Times.

And @Freedom16356531 asked the question on everyone’s lips:

So does this mean@GBNEWS you’re going to give@danwootton his job back?

After more revelations about Phillip Schofield’s similarly scandalous affair surfaced a few days ago, this is yet another major update for the world of presenters. Only time will tell what Wootton will do next, but we’ll definitely be watching!

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Dan Wootton: What could be next for the presenter as politicians condemn him Dan Wootton: What could be next for the presenter as politicians condemn him