Dan Wootton: What could be next for the presenter as politicians condemn him

On Wednesday 28 September, GB News suspended Dan Wootton after a controversial segment with Laurence Fox aired.

Dan Wootton’s ‘got to be kept off the air’: What’s next for the presenter?
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Dan Wootton’s ‘got to be kept off the air’: What’s next for the presenter?

TW: mentions of harassment and bullying

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GB News presenter Dan Wootton has been at the heart of serious allegations released by independent newspaper Byline Times. For three years, Bylineinvestigated the behaviour of Dan Wootton and have managed to talk to alleged victims as well as his ex-partner, Alex Truby, who says he found evidence in Wootton’s flat.

Those allegations started on 12 July 2023 when Alex Truby published a thread on X where he exposed Dan Wootton. Then on 17 July, Byline released the first article in which they reported that Wootton catfished former colleagues for explicit pictures. They also report his bullying and harassment while he worked at The Sun.

Though Wootton remained on air while Byline continued to report his misbehaviour, GB News announced on 27 September that they were suspending him amid a segment on his show on 26 September in which Laurence Fox gave a ‘sexist’ rant about political journalist Ava Evans.

Being removed from GB News, one question presents itself, what could be next with the controversial presenter?

Dan Wootton suspended from GB News after months of scandal

In a surprising move, GB News took to X on 27 September, late afternoon, to announce that they would suspend Dan Wootton after already suspending Laurence Fox.

Less than a week prior, GB News has sent a letter to Caroline Dinenage MP saying:

Were a formal complaint to be raised by a member of our staff, then GB News would, of course, take appropriate steps.

It appears that they did not wait long to suspend Wootton after an incident involving him finally happened on their channel.

Where did Wootton work before joining GB News?

Dan Wootton joined GB News in 2021 after a long career in the written press.

When he moved to the UK, he joined the now dead tabloid News of the World in 2007. In February 2016, Wootton started working at The Sun where in 2018 he was made executive editor.

On top of his work for The Sun, Wootton made several appearances on TV as a contributor. He appeared on ITV Breakfastand Lorraine.

But in 2021, in an unexpected move, Wootton left News UK (publisher of The Times and The Sun) to become a columnist for Mail Online and join the very new channel GB News as a presenter with an evening show aired Monday to Thursday.

The move to GB News was described by Wootton himself as a ‘life changing experience.

Where could he go next?

Considering the size and seriousness of the allegations made against him and now his suspension from GB News one question is at the forefront:

Where could Dan Wootton go were he to be removed from GB News permanently?

Well, that is a difficult question to answer. Indeed, following the news of his suspension many politicians, from all sides, have condemned the segment starring Laurence Fox and Wootton. Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, interview by Sky News even said:

You've got to standardise some of the regulation, and certainly you cannot allow people to appear on air and talk about women in the way that they are doing, without any propriety.


These people have got to be kept off the air - this cannot be allowed.
I'm not in favour of censorship, but you cannot have this fall in standards and allow it to continue.

Former PM Brown is not the only one calling for this. Politicians are asking for Ofcom to intervene and take their response to the ‘next stage’.

In light of this, it seems complicated if not impossible for Wootton to be welcomed by other TV channels. Furthermore, while working at GB News, he used his platform to openly criticise the ‘mainstream media’.

We also know that it would be difficult for him to go back to Mail Online or The Sun as both are conducting internal investigations on him. Mail Online has also suspended his column.

Wootton’s future seems to be very uncertain both professionally and personally as the serious allegations made against him could lead to legal proceedings.

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