Nigel Farage: After I’m A Celeb, the former politician is considering more reality TV on Banged Up

After his successful stint on I’m A Celeb in the autumn of 2023, Nigel Farage seems to be open to more.

Nigel Farage Banged Up reality TV
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Nigel Farage Banged Up reality TV

Seeing Nigel Farage on TV is nothing new. However, in recent months his onscreen presence has drastically changed. Indeed, Farage could now be considered a reality TV star!

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In the autumn of 2023, the announcement of his presence on the 2023 line-up for I’m A Celeb took people by surprise. However, as the show went on, Farage showed himself to be reality TV gold. Not afraid of a heated debate, Farage was involved in some controversial moments that went viral online.

It also turned out that Nigel Farage is not… well, shy. Indeed, the former politician wasn’t afraid to get fully nude on TV for a shower watched by too many of us. Now, after finishing third on I’m A Celeb, it seems like Farage has been bitten by the reality TV bug and he is ready for more!

Nigel Farage talks about doing more TV

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Nigel Farage himself spoke about his possible return to reality TV and it seems he even has his eyes set on some specific shows. He said:

Banged Up’s very interesting.

True to his argumentative nature Farage continued:

Big Brother’s designed to foment discontent. I proved in the jungle I can do that. So I’m not against more of it.

Earlier in March 2024, he also showed interest in joining Strictly Come Dancing and who knows, he could one day join its list of winners! Nothing seems impossible when it comes to Nigel Farage!

Rumours of a huge fee

When Nigel Farage joined I’m A Celeb, his heated conversations with the other contestants weren’t the only things to make headlines – the amount he was paid also made a lot of ink spill.

Indeed, Farage became the highest-paid contestant ever when he received a fee of £1.5 million. However, this enormous fee is not something that seems to be putting producers off. Speaking again to The Sun a source affirmed:

Nigel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he’s great for ratings.
Producers are hoping to get a deal over the line with him soon.

Reading The Sun’s article, we understand that the talks between Farage and the producers would be for Banged Up – a show in which celebrities are sent to prison for eight nights. Yes, you read that right! The show - which is on Channel 4 - has only had one series so far but it seems to have won the hearts of many.

In a review written by The Guardian in October 2023, Lucy Mangan writes that Banged Up ‘feels real’. Moreover, if Nigel Farage joins the show, he wouldn’t be the first politician to do so. Indeed, Tory MP Johnny Mercer was part of the first season.

When asked, The Sun explains that Channel 4 said that ‘no re-commission decision has been made on Banged Up.’ Only time will tell us if we will get to see Farage behind bars!

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