Nigel Farage can Brexit but can't hide: His political choices are catching up with him in the I’m a Celeb jungle

Nigel Farage is currently in the middle of the Australian jungle for the 2023 edition of I’m a Celeb. Apparently nowhere is far enough for him to escape his political past.

I'm A Celeb Nigel Farage Brexit
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I'm A Celeb Nigel Farage Brexit

The latest season of I’m A Celeb started off on Sunday 19 November and already it has people talking. Even before it started it was causing waves. The reason why? Well among other things, the presence and the salary of former politician Nigel Farage.

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ITV’s choice to cast him on the show has had people confused and outraged considering his political stance. Let’s not forget that Farage was one of the designers of Brexit. Now Farage mostly works as a TV host and commentator on GB News. However, he cannot escape his political past and on Monday 20 November, he was confronted for it by another contestant.

Fred Sirieix confronts Nigel Farage

To see the exchange, you can head to X where the clip has already gathered tens of thousands of views. In it you will see maître d’hôtel Fred Sirieix ask Farage point blank:

So what’s the benefit of Brexit then?

Farage then calmly explains his view but Sirieix continues.

If you are an average person from Britain, what’s the benefit for them?

The biggest point of this argument was about a poster that Nigel Farage unveiled. In 2016, The Guardian described the poster as ‘anti-migrant’. Moreover, that poster was reported to the police on the basis that it incited ‘racial hatred and breaches UK race laws’.

This is what Fred Sirieix had to say about it:

I thought it was shameful what you did, Nigel.

Nigel Farage stayed true to his beliefs throughout the entire exchange which, as tense as it was, didn’t get heated.

Nigel Farage praised for his composure

As the clip continues to gain traction many supporters of Farage are applauding him for his ability to remain calm throughout the exchange.

One X user says:

Come on Nigel 💪

Other users are using this clip as a way to criticise Fred Sirieix in ways that we do not wish to broadcast.

Supporters of Farage aren’t the only ones happy with how the exchange went. His colleagues on GB News are also thrilled. In their morning show they addressed the clip and said:

I think they’re all going to see how bright and intelligent Nigel is and how he’s got a great competent argument.

During the show, Nigel Farage admitted that he expected this kind of conversation to happen. He said:

I knew it wouldn’t take long, I knew politics would rear its head as indeed it did.

Fred Sirieix also knew this would happen and himself stated:

Look, Nigel Farage is in the jungle with me. We’re bound to have this conversation (...) It was only a matter of time.

Will it continue to be brought up and how long can contestants keep calm about it all?

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