Nigel Farage: Here are 5 facts you probably didn’t know about the former UKIP leader

Nigel Farage is a very well-known political figure, but do you know everything about the former UKIP leader?

Nigel Farage: 5 Facts you didn't know
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Nigel Farage: 5 Facts you didn't know

Nigel Farage is the latest politician to take on the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here jungle. He is joined by 11 other celebrities, from Eastenders star, Danielle Harold to French maître d, Fred Sirieix, who he would clash with over their respective opinions on the European Union.

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Indeed, Nigel Farage is known for his anti-European Union view and was the frontman of the Brexit campaign, which he had worked on for over a decade. Many people know him for his political views, but do you know other facts about the former UKIP leader?

For example, Nigel Farage has been married twice, and his second marriage is rather unusual. Here are six other facts about him you may have not known.

Nigel Farage never attended university

It is very common for political figures to attend university, often studying politics or perhaps, international affairs, but for the former UKIP leader, he never attended any university.

As per Mirror, Nigel Farage chose not to attend university, and instead, he headed straight into the working world and headed for the City and worked at Drexel Burnham Lambert before heading to Credit Lyonnais Rouse in 1986.

Nigel Farage has never been a member of parliament

This one may come as a surprise, but Nigel Farage has never actually been a member of parliament. According to BBC, the former UKIP leader has tried to be elected as an MP several times, but has never succeeded.

Nigel Farage did manage to get voted to be a part of the European Parliament in 1999 and remained there until 2020.

Nigel Farage has had cancer

Nigel Farage was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was in his 20s. As per The Sun, the former UKIP leader had one of his testicals removed after the diagnosis as his left testical was ‘the size of a lemon’.

Fargae told The Telegraph:

I walked into the Queen’s Head and ordered a pint. All of a sudden, an indescribable pain shot through my left-hand side.
It seemed to go from somewhere near my left kidney, through my abdomen and into my groin.

Nigel Farage was involved in two life-threatening accidents

Nigel Farage has talked about his accidents whilst in the I’m a Celeb jungle, but in case you missed it, he was involved in two major accidents.

The first one happened in Farage’s early 20s, when he was run over by a car in Orpington, Kent, after a night out at the pub, as per The Sun. Farage sustained severe injuries and was even told he may lose his leg. Nigel ended up meeting his first wife, nurse Grainne Hayes, whilst at hospital.

Nigel Farage’s second accident was even worse than the first, he was involved in a helicopter crash back in 2010. The aircraft nose-dived into a field after a UKIP banner got stuck in the engine, as per Mirror.

Nigel ended up with two broken ribs and a cracked spine, which is why he is exempt from certain trials on I’m a Celeb.

Nigel Farage’s father was an alcoholic and his mother posed naked

According to The Sun, Nigel Farage’s father, Guy Oscar Justus Farage, a stockbroker, was an alcoholic and left his family when Nigel was just 5 years old.

Moreover, Nigel’s mother, Barbara Stevens, previously posed naked for the Women's Institute calendars, as per Daily Mail. Speaking on the calendar, Barbara said that she has no plans to pose naked again:

I don't think Nigel needs that sort of publicity to be honest.
But they were tastefully produced – we weren't aiming for the top shelf.
We raised a net profit of £42,000 over the years, and it was a wonderful achievement.

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