Phillip Schofield: Here's how the former ITV star has reportedly been doing since the scandal

Phillip Schofield lost almost everything - from his best pal to a glitzy TV career, following his shocking confession of an 'unwise but not illegal' affair and subsequent dramas.

Phillip Schofield ITV scandal
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Phillip Schofield ITV scandal

Phillip Schofield, once a constant presence on daytime TV and a fan favorite on This Morning, saw his career take a dramatic turn after confessing to an 'unwise but not illegal' affair in May. The fallout from the revelation led to his exit from ITV, and since then, he has faced a series of challenges, from financial reorganization to potential career shifts.

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Financial maneuvers

Following his ITV exit, Phillip Schofield reportedly hired a team of wealth management accountants in August to handle his financial affairs. His goal was to secure alternative income streams beyond TV presenting. According to The Mirror, Phil is now associated with Sedulo, a company specializing in wealth management for affluent clients. Given his involvement in a property business, documents filed with Companies House reveal that his real estate firm, Fistral Properties Ltd, is registered with Sedulo's London offices, indicating a potential focus on property-related ventures for the future.

With a thriving media career abruptly halted, there are doubts about whether Phillip will return to television. Reports suggest that Phil has been approached by leading book publishers, including Hodder & Stoughton, for a potential memoir. A source close to him told The Daily Mail that discussions are on hold until he receives approval from his family, emphasizing the support he's relied on during this challenging period. The sourced said:

He made it clear in the conversation that he would like the chance to tell his story in full, and in some ways to draw a line under what has happened, but that he would not do so without the approval of his family. Stephanie and the girls have been his lifeline all this time, while he's been going through hell in private. So any further discussions are on hold until he has spoken to them, and they are happy with him going ahead.

Sources close to Phillip have expressed concerns about his well-being, stating that he has been feeling down and uncertain about his future in show business. Friends have encouraged him to seek a 'fulfilling life' beyond the spotlight.

Loyal friendships

Despite the challenges, Phil has found support in loyal friends like Vanessa Feltz, who publicly stood by him throughout the scandal.

Vanessa Feltz, a longtime friend of Phillip, has been a source of support, even amid the alleged 'toxic atmosphere' surrounding This Morning. The two were seen enjoying an evening out in August, with Feltz expressing her devastation about the situation and her hope for the show to continue, as per The Mirror. Another former This Morning host, Richard Madeley, has also reached out to Phillip, offering encouragement during what he described as a 'savage outcome.'

Phillip Schofield ITV scandal Karwai Tang/Getty Images

By contrast, Phillip Schofield faced a fallout with longtime co-host Holly Willoughby, who used to be his bestie on and off the cameras. Following Schofield's admission of an affair with a younger colleague, he left all ITV obligations, including shows like Dancing On Ice. As the drama unfolded, Holly expressed feeling 'hurt' by the affair admission and emphasized that she was unaware of the relationship. The tension extended to social media, as Schofield and his daughters unfollowed Holly on Instagram just before her NTAs debut without him.

The fallout from Phillip's confession included severed ties with his talent agency, YMU, and the loss of his ambassador role with The Prince's Trust. Brands and charities distanced themselves, impacting his lucrative TV career. Waitrose even pulled his wine range from its website, according to Cosmopolitan.

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