Huw Edwards revealed as presenter at the centre of BBC scandal by his wife

BBC’s presenter at the centre of the scandal has been revealed to be none other than high-profile and reputed Huw Edwards.

Huw Edwards revealed as presenter at the centre of BBC scandal by his wife
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Huw Edwards revealed as presenter at the centre of BBC scandal by his wife

After much speculation and reports, the BBC’s presenter who’s at the centre of the channel’s one of the biggest scandals yet is outed by his wife. Huw Edwards is the answer to the question everyone has on their mind.

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His wife, Vicky Flind, released a statement clarifying he’s the BBC presenter facing allegations over payments for sexually explicit images in a statement issued on his behalf.

Huw Edwards’s wife’s statement

According to Sky News, Huw hasn’t resigned yet and BBC’s move forward will be to get into its now investigation against the presenter. Meanwhile, his wife issued a statement that read:

In light of the recent reporting regarding the 'BBC Presenter' I am making this statement on behalf of my husband Huw Edwards, after what have been five extremely difficult days for our family. I am doing this primarily out of concern for his mental well-being and to protect our children.

Vicky Flind added that Huw is going through ‘serious mental health issues’ and the allegations in the past five days have worsened his condition so much that he’s seeking ‘in-patient hospital care.’

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Huw Edawards’s mental health challenges

Reportedly, Huw’s mental health issues have been well-documented in the past. He has been a BBC presenter for the past 20 years and anchored major national events including the King’s coronation.

The statement released by his wife hints that the scandal has taken a huge toll on his mental health. She said:

Huw is suffering from serious mental health issues. As is well documented, he has been treated for severe depression in recent years.
The events of the last few days have greatly worsened matters, he has suffered another serious episode and is now receiving in-patient hospital care where he'll stay for the foreseeable future.

She insisted that her husband would respond to the allegations in person once he's 'well enough to do so.' However, the family requires privacy in current turbulent times, she added:

In the circumstances and given Huw's condition I would like to ask that the privacy of my family and everyone else caught up in these upsetting events is respected. I know that Huw is deeply sorry that so many colleagues have been impacted by the recent media speculation. We hope this statement will bring that to an end.

This comes as Huw is facing 'yet more allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards colleagues' - whose details are yet to be revealed.

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UK public furious over released statement

After Philip Scofield, Huw Edwards has also come forward with 'mental health' struggles in a bid to defend himself from the allegations. However, the UK public is not buying it. Expressing their frustration on Twitter, one wrote:

It is illegal to receive or send explicit photographs of any child under 18 ! Why should Huw Edwards get away with it on a mental health card? If he is guilty of such act then he should be arrested and sentenced like any other person caught doing such a despicable and perverted crime, and placed on the sex offenders register !

A second fumed:

Huw Edwards playing the mental health card .. what a shock. Not been well for a few years and it’s made him need to be a nonce. Anyone else would be laughed out the Courts if they tried that. Disgrace.

A third furiously questioned:

Can you literally get away with anything now, if you use the mental health trump card? Maybe @metpoliceuk can clarify if you can legally pay a 17yo to send you nude pictures? ...or break lockdown rules? #HuwEdwards #BBCPresenterScandal

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Huw Edwards: BBC Viewers demand to hear from presenter after explicit photo scandal Huw Edwards: BBC Viewers demand to hear from presenter after explicit photo scandal