BBC presenter caught in scandal cannot be named, here are the real reasons why

Everybody wants to know who the presenter is but there are legitimate reasons as to why he can't be named...

The real reasons behind why the presenter caught in scandal cannot be named
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The real reasons behind why the presenter caught in scandal cannot be named

Everybody wants to know who the presenter is. So much so that since the news broke, thousands of people on Twitter have been speculating about his identity.

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At the moment, all that is known is that the presenter is a male and that it is a star of the network.

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'Privacy' has to be considered

During his press conference on 11 July, Tim Davie brought up ‘privacy’ as one of the reasons for the name not being shared.

He explains that in this situation the procedure is for the presenter to speak with senior management.

He says:

I think it is critical they are spoken to by a very senior manager

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 he also says that it is crucial to follow a process internally:

I don't think you take that complain direct to a presenter(...) It is right to validate that, to have our specialists talk to that individual, understand their concerns, and go through that process

BBC presenter cannot be named for legal reasons

The Independenthas reported that the main reason why the BBC or The Sun haven’t disclosed the name is ‘fear of defamation and breaching his privacy.’

The Independent talked to Mark Stephens a media law expert who highlights the fact that ‘the law was changed after Sir Cliff Richard won a privacy case against the BBC.’ Stephens says that there is ‘a second layer of privacy’ that the BBC had to consider.

If there are allegations of inappropriate behaviour, or any other kind of breach of employment practice, they should be investigated confidentially (...) That’s doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity or in the local office or on the building site, the same law applies

At the time, Sir Cliff Richard challenged the BBC’s coverage of a ‘South Yorkshire Police raid on his home’ in 2014. In July 2018, he won his case and was paid around £2 million. This amount covered his legal costs as well as the damages suffered.

Sir Cliff Richards said that the way the BBC had covered the raid in his home was the ‘worst thing that has happened to (him) in (his) entire life.

What the BBC did was an abuse. They took it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner.

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