Huw Edwards: The BBC presenter deletes social media account amid new video scandal

The BBC is facing yet another presenter scandal, unrelated to that of an unnamed presenter paying £35K for pictures from a teenager and it has to do with Huw Edwards. Here's why he is going viral on Twitter.

Huw Edwards Instgram scandal
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Huw Edwards Instgram scandal

The BBC is going through some rough times. On 7 July 2023, The Sun released an article revealing that, allegedly, a BBC star presenter had paid a teenager around £35K for explicit pictures.

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While those allegations haven’t been confirmed, the BBC has suspended a presenter which remains unnamed. Tim David, the BBC’s boss is schedule to address the press today, 11 July, concerning the salaries of his presenters but the scandal should be what the press is most concerned about.

Amid this scandal that The Sun revealed, Huw Edwards, one of the channel’s stars, is facing his own scandal. While it is unwise to link the two scandals together, this is clearly not a good time for the network.

Let’s see what happens.

Huw Edwards, the star presenter is trending on Twitter

On 10 July, the BBC presenter scandal was in everyone’s mouth. Indeed, while the BBC announced that it is doing an internal investigation, the channel was also meeting with MET police on Monday. While the MET is not opening an investigation at this time, social media is doing its own investigation.

Since the news broke Twitter users have been speculating about who could be the unnamed presenter. The BBC is choosing to remain silent on the matter leaving presenters such as Gary Lineker and Rylan Clark to fend for themselves.

But while this was unfolding Huw Edwards was caught in a scandal of his own.

On July 10, a video that allegedly could show Huw Edwards bottomless has been making its rounds on Twitter. The video shows a man, who people believe to be Edwards, on FaceTime with someone while his trousers are down.

Of course the video prompted a lot of attention but people are also questioning its existence. Several users are doubtful and believe the video is a ‘deep fake’ and the work of AI.

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Huw Edward deletes his Instagram account

While Huw Edwards did not comment on this video scandal, the BBC star appears to have deleted his Instagram account.

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Because this comes after the video scandal many people are linking the two BBC scandals together. Curiosity is natural and the name of the presenter who paid the teenager £35K is what everything people want to know, but caution should be taken.

There is no link between viral video and BBC teen photo scandal

Indeed, already the speculations have left BBC presenters shaken. For instance, over the weekend, Rylan Clark has had to ask The Independent to not associate his face with the scandal as the publication was using his picture as a cover image for their article. Moreover, broadcaster Nicky Campbell reported yesterday that he had a ‘distressing weekend.

In his introduction of his BBC Radio 5 Live show he said:

Obviously thoughts with the alleged victim and family. So a bit of perspective here, worse things happen at sea as they say, but it was a distressing weekend, I can't deny it, for me and others falsely named

This investigation done by social media is called a ‘digital version of lynching’ by Sean O’Grady in his opinion piece for The Independent. He also questions the ethics of such allegations.

The BBC scandal will continue to unfold but Huw Edwards’ scandalous video is not proven to have any link to it.

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