Huw Edwards: BBC warned him about his online behaviour two years before his scandal, staffers react

The Sunday Times has made new revelations about Huw Edwards’ behaviour while at the BBC. It appears the star presenter was warned back in 2021.

Huw Edwards BBC scandal
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Huw Edwards BBC scandal

Since July 2023, BBC and their former star presenter Huw Edwards have been caught in a scandal. At that time it was revealed by The Sun that a presenter at the channel reportedly paid a young person £35,000 for explicit pictures.

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At first the tabloid did not reveal who the presenter was, making room for a massive wave of speculation that saw many BBC presenters accused of the act. However, many fingers pointed toward Huw Edwards who was mysteriously removed from our screens. The frenzy ended when Huw Edwards’ wife, Vicky Flind, revealed that her husband was the presenterThe Sun’s article was about.

The whole case remained very quiet for many months until, on 22 April 2024, the BBC announced that Edwards had resigned from his post at the channel. However, now, just a week later, new details are coming out about how the whole situation was handled by the corporation.

BBC warned about Huw Edwards’ behaviour in 2021

In an article published on Sunday 28 April 2024, The Sunday Times reveals that the corporation had had two complaints lodged against their presenter in 2021 and 2022. According to their findings, the same woman had been in conversation with the presenter on social media and via email before issuing formal complaints.

Express, reporting on the case writes:

The report states that a woman in her forties contacted the BBC in 2021 after exchanging messages with Edwards on social media and then via email.

It is reported that the BBC launched an investigation into the situation which was only concluded mere days before the presenter resigned.

At the time of the first complaint, in 2021, it is believed that Huw Edwards was informed ‘within hours’ by BBC management. Express writes that the presenter was then ‘confronted about his "social media use," with his legal representatives dismissing the accusations as "unsubstantiated"’.

However, it seems like the complaint was removed after Edwards reached out to the woman. Then, in January 2022, the same woman complained again before, once again, withdrawing her complaint. That is when, according to The Telegraph, the BBC suggested to Edwards that all communication with the woman ‘should cease’.

The review of the case, conducted by BBC, allegedly states:

A senior member of News leadership advised that further concerns had been raised and that contact with you should now cease.

It is believed that the woman and Huw Edwards continued their correspondence via email. The nature of the messages and what led to the complaints remain unknown with the BBC and Edwards being contacted by Express and The Telegraph but to no avail.

Consequences of Huw Edwards resignation

These new revelations from The Sunday Times offer a new outlook on the statement released on 22 April 2024 concerning the reason for the presenter’s resignation. Indeed, following the same rhetoric as in July 2023, his health was cited as the reason for his choice to step back.

Now it seems quite clear that though, at first, BBC officials had hoped he could come back with a limited role ‘maybe in Wales, or making more documentaries’, they quickly realised that that wouldn’t be the case.

The Sunday Times described the situation at the BBC as ‘whack-a-mole’ — a new controversy arising as soon as one is put to rest. However, as much as the corporation hoped that their statement would put the Huw Edwards’ scandal to bed, it hasn’t been the case. Or at least not fully and especially for BBC staffers. Some have spoken to The Times saying:

The bar isn’t criminality. It’s about professionalism, or a lack thereof. We have clauses in our contracts that say we mustn’t bring the BBC into disrepute. This is the classic thing of the boys’ network defending their own. And why go to the trouble of interviewing staff and complainants just to bury it because Huw’s resigned?

Commenting on the BBC’s choice not to release a report of the investigation, another added:

This leave the family without answers. It’s inexcusable to just hope everyone forgets. It was also a really disruptive time for staff.

Moreover, The Sunday Times also reports that the way this scandal has been handled created a worrisome atmosphere within the BBC with many employees wondering what will happen next and how their private lives will be handled by the network.

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