BBC presenter scandal: The channel's reputation at stake as new details are being revealed

While the BBC still refuses to name the accused presenter, other members of the channel have urged him to come forward. The BBC’s reputation is at stake.

BBC reputation at stake as new details are being revealed about unnamed presenter
BBC reputation at stake as new details are being revealed about unnamed presenter

The iconic TV Channel, BBC is currently facing a scandal that has no precedent. Even though through time, the channel has been caught up in some controversies like in 2012 with Jimmy Saville sex scandal, this one is special.

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First of all, the BBC is refusing to name the presenter involved and even though some people have hinted at the fact that they know who it is, the name has not been disclosed by anyone or any other media outlet.

Moreover, social media is playing a huge role in the scandal. Indeed, since the news came out, Twitter users have been desperately trying to figure out the identity of the accused presenter. This ‘trial of Twitter’ as called by Sean O’Grady, has forced some BBC presenters to come forward and independently deny their link to the case.

The lack of transparency from the BBC has been vastly criticised by members of the press and the public and Tim Davie, the BBC’s boss, has been challenged about it.

Now as new allegations are pouring in every day, some people are worried about the channel’s reputation as well as the safety and well-being of the presenters wrongly accused.

More people are coming forward with new allegations

BBC News reveals 'abusive messages'

On 11 July, at 17:13 PM, BBC News reported new allegations brought on by another young person about the unnamed TV presenter. While the channel and some of its reporters know who it is, they refuse to publicly name him. In a clip from BBC News which they posted on Twitter, the reporters say:

Just to be clear this is another young person to the one The Sun has reported about.
This individual in their early twenties, was first contacted anonymously by the male presenter on a dating app.

BBC News confirms that they have been able to verify those messages which started on a dating app and then moved to ‘private messaging.’ According to the news outlet, ‘the young person was surprised to find out who the presenter was.’

BBC News also reveals that the unnamed TV presenter expressly ‘told the young person not to tell anyone.’ Moreover, this young person, who came forward on 12 July, told BBC News that the presenter had put them under ‘repeated pressure request to meet up’ but they never did. The BBC continues to explain that, when the young person ‘alluded’ that they could name the presenter online, they ‘reacted by sending what this young person viewed as threatening messages.

Those ‘threatening messages’ have been seen by BBC News and qualified as:

abusive, expletive filled messages.

The young person, who is not the person The Sun wrote about, said that they were ‘scared’ and intimidated by the ‘power they felt the presenter held.’ BBC News finishes their ‘breaking news’ segment pointing out that those new allegations of ‘menacing, bullying behaviour potentially, by the presenter, raise fresh questions.’

The news outlet has reached out ‘directly to the presenter’ they still refuse to name and to his lawyer for comments but to no avail.

The Sun discloses secret lockdown meeting

While BBC News were breaking these new allegations in the evening of the 12 July, The Sun also revealed some more. According to the tabloid, a third person has come forward claiming that they met with the TV presenter during the third lockdown. As reported by The Sun, the young person says:

The BBC were briefing the nation on the rules — when their star who was part of the institution was quite happy to break them.

The Sun claims that they ‘have seen messages’ that ‘suggest that — as well as visiting the 23-year-old’s home, the star sent cash, and asked for a picture.

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It has also been reported that a fourth person has come forward with allegations concerning the unnamed presenter.

The BBC presenter urged to come forward

During a press conference that took place on 11 July, BBC’s Director General, Tim Davie refused to name the accused presenter. He also chose to stand by the corporation’s way of dealing with the affair even though he admitted that there are things to learn from the situation.

While BBC, the company, is staying quiet, it is now quite obvious that some of its reporters know who the unnamed presenter is. Indeed, during Jeremy Vine on 5 on 12 July, Jeremy Vine admitted to knowing who the accused is.

Jeremy Vine has also urged the presenter to come forward himself. He first asked that in a tweet published on 11 July at 19:03 PM.

He then reiterated his demand on his show Jeremy Vine on 5 in the morning of 12 July.

This presenter has to show some degree of concern for for those people, and I’m one of them, who’ve been falsely accused.

Indeed, as Jeremy Vine shared himself, the security of the falsely accused BBC presenters might be at risk. Vine spoke about a concern that his wife had when he attended a concert over the weekend. This aspect also links up to other presenters having to say themselves that they aren’t the guilty presenter.

For instance, Rylan had to ask The Independent to remove his picture from their article covering the scandal as he was being abused in the comments. Moreover, Nikki Campbell confessed to having spent a ‘distressing weekend’ as he was the victim of false accusations.

By not naming the presenter, the BBC has left its other presenters open to false allegations. And while, as Tim Davie points out, the ‘privacy’ of the unnamed host must be respected, other names are being dragged into the scandal.

Former BBC News Producer, David Keighley spoke to GB News on the morning of 12 July and said that the situation ‘is not sustainable.’ He continued:

I don’t think it is sustainable for very long at all because, of course, we’re living in an age where information does get out irrespective of what the rules are about issues such as privacy.

Moreover, David Keighley raises concern for the BBC’s reputation. He says:

(the situation) is engulfing the reputation of presenters who are not in the frame as it were and the BBC has got to get its act together.’

Now, time will tell who between the BBC and the unnamed presenter will come forward first.

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