Laura Kuenssberg: The BBC steps in to defend the presenter once again accused of bias

This isn’t the first time the Sunday with… presenter is under fire but this time the BBC has stepped in.

Laura Kuenssberg BBC Yvette Cooper statement
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Laura Kuenssberg BBC Yvette Cooper statement

Laura Kuenssberg took over Sunday with… in September 2022 after it was announced in March of that same year. Before taking on that role, Kuenssberg was the BBC’s political editor, a role she took on in 2015, becoming the first woman to ever do so.

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Since replacing Andrew Marr on Sunday with… Kuenssberg has been in the spotlight many times. Viewers have often complained about her interviewing style and some have even implied that she is biased. Earlier in 2023, we ourselves reported that viewers were calling for her to be replaced by Victoria Derbyshire.

Before the latest attacks made against Kuenssberg’s work, the BBC had chosen to remain silent. However, this time the channel has decided otherwise.

BBC steps in to defend Laura Kuenssberg

This took place at the beginning of February 2024 after Laura Kuenssberg interviewed Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper on 21 January. On top of being Shadow Home Secretary, Cooper has been a Labour MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford since 1997.

During the interview Kuenssberg questioned Cooper on what would happen if Labour won the next general election concerning topics such as asylum claims and 999 calls and how the police respond. Indeed, if Labour were to win, Cooper would become Home Secretary.

As the end of their interview approached, Kuenssberg was heard saying;

There are plenty of people who come to the studio who would disagree with you. Many people watching would disagree with you too.

Though this seems like a very innocent remark, viewers did not believe so and many reached out to the channel to issue complaints. Usually, the BBC have ignored them but on 1 February they issued a statement. They wrote:

Laura Kuenssberg approached our interview with Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper in the same manner she would any interview with any politician from any political party; by asking Ms Cooper to explain her party’s position on the issues which matter to our audience.


When Ms Cooper expressed her view on the importance of Labour being elected, it was fair for Laura to reflect that there are those who would disagree.

They ended their statement showing full support for their presenter saying that they believed ‘Laura interviewed Ms Cooper in the courteous, rigorous and duly impartial manner’ which is expected of her.

A very rare statement from the BBC

The BBC’s statement had been making headlines since it was released mostly because the channel is not one to publicly step in when their presenters are caught in controversy.

Over the summer, we all remember the channel’s choice to remain silent while the press and public were playing a guessing game about who the presenter accused of paying over £30,000 for explicit pictures was. At the time, the situation was so dire that presenters had to defend themselves against thousands of internet users.

The BBC’s silence continued until Huw Edwards’ wife named him as the presenter involved in the scandal. When it comes to Kuenssberg herself, this is the first time the channel had spoken about it. Previously, Kuenssberg had to tackle the issue herself in interviews.

In September 2023, she gave an interview to The Telegraph where she addressed the drop in viewership. She explained that the numbers released were done in ‘rude health’ and didn’t include the iPlayer numbers.

When she was challenged on her interviewing style and overall approach to Sunday with… by the interviewer, Kuenssberg remained true to herself and explained that would not break her one rule which is to not mention her personal life even if it meant viewers couldn’t get to know her.

I’m here to do my job, to hold politicians to account, to poke holes in their arguments and I think the work doesn’t require it… I don’t seek the spotlight beyond the actual job

What do you think motivated the BBC to make a statement this time around?

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