Laura Kuenssberg: The BBC presenter is facing new accusations of biased reporting

Laura Kuenssberg is once again under fire about potential biased reporting. But who is accusing her this time?

Laura Kuenssberg GB News BBC
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Laura Kuenssberg GB News BBC

Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg has been under fire since the beginning of September 2023 when it was announced that the programme had lost thousands of viewers since Andrew Marr’s exit.

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Viewers were calling for the BBC journalist to be sacked or replaced by Victoria Derbyshire. Now, over the weekend of 11 November, it appears like the presenter is once again being questioned over the tone of her reporting.

But who is doing the questioning this time?

GB News calls out Kuenssberg

In an article published on 12 November, GB News explains that Laura Kuenssberg ‘appeared to call for Suella Braverman to be sacked’. According to GB News, Tory MPs have asked for Kuenssberg to be investigated for her words.

They quote Former Deputy Chief Whip Craig Whittaker who said:

Laura Kuenssberg seems so far over the line for a journalist, she should be investigated

They also spoke to former Transport Minister Kevin Forster who stated:

It is the broadcaster’s role to question those who sit round the Cabinet Table, not express their preferences

On X, users who read the GB News article agree and ask for Kuenssberg to be investigated and/or fired. Moreover, viewers of Sunday With… are still demanding for Victoria Derbyshire to replace Kuenssberg permanently after hosting the show while Kuenssberg was away.

They write:

Bonkers. After weeks of Victoria Derbyshire knocking it out of the park as her stand-in, Laura Kuenssberg returns to present her Sunday morning show, with Nadine Dorries as one of her main guests. It’s like she wants viewers to demand Victoria Derbyshire replace her.
I think it’s time to defund completely the horribly biased and slanted reporting of this organisation.
Kuenssberg should be sacked. Defund the BBC

Not just GB News's criticism

Though it is not the first time that the Sunday with… host is being openly criticised, this time it is different. Indeed, before, viewers of the show were using clips of the BBC programme directly. This time they use the GB News article.

GB News and the BBC are opponents which could explain why they are keen to criticise one of their hosts. However, in their article, GB News also quote Daniel Kawczynski MP who says:

Standards at BBC have collapsed but then again I think most people realise that and why numbers watching BBC on decline.
Time we abolished the extra tax licence fee we all have to pay for this bureaucracy and poor service.

This highlights the fact that GB News being a direct competitor of BBC isn't the only reason for the article. Indeed, Daniel Kawczynski's opinion is his own even though he agrees with GB News. It is also significant that some viewers of Sunday with... agree with it.

Another wave of criticism for Kuenssberg to ride…

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GB News: BBC row EXPLODES - Tories demand investigation into Laura Kuenssberg over Suella Braverman comments


Laura Kuenssberg: The BBC steps in to defend the presenter once again accused of bias Laura Kuenssberg: The BBC steps in to defend the presenter once again accused of bias