Suella Braverman's unforgettable appearance at the Tory conference as she steps on a blind man’s dog

At the 2023 Tory conference, Suella Braverman made a memorable appearance for both her speech and... well... her behaviour towards a guide dog.

'Oblivious' Suella Braverman stands on a blind man's dog at Tory conference
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'Oblivious' Suella Braverman stands on a blind man's dog at Tory conference

The 2023 Tory conference has been taking place since 1 October. This conference is the time for Tory leaders or want to be leaders to give speeches and lay out their hopes for the country.

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Many of the speeches given at the conference have been criticised by Tory opponents, as expected. However, on 3 October, Suella Braverman caught the attention of many not for something she said but for something she did.

Suella on a dog…

Suella Braverman at the Tory conference

Braverman, who is the current Home Secretary, made an awaited appearance at the Tory conference on 3 October. Part of her agenda was of course to give a speech.

In said speech to Tory supporters, Braverman claimed that a ‘hurricane’ of ‘mass immigration’ was coming. In the same speech she called for the Human Rights Act which ‘sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to’ should be renamed the ‘Criminal Rights Act’.

Her speech continued with her saying ‘Britain would go properly woke’ if Labour ever got to power again. She added that under Labour leadership people would ‘chased out of their jobs for saying that a man can’t be a woman’.

While she spoke, an attendee was escorted out after hackling the Home Secretary calling her out on her transphobic comments. Comments that she then continued when talking to Sky News.

However, if you thought that speech was bad, brace yourself for what’s next.

Suella Braverman on a dog

At the conference, Braverman also took the chance to talk to other people present. During her visit of the different charities and associations present Suella Braverman visited the The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association stand.

Unfortunately for Braverman that visit outshone the rest of her stay at the conference as she proceeded to step on the tail of a guide dog. Actually, she didn’t just step on the tail, she stood on it while in conversation.


The incident sparked many reactions on X.

Literally just dropped one of the most evil conference speeches in recent history then went outside and stood on a guide dog
A picture to sum up the Tory party conference. Suella Braverman standing on a blind man's guide dog.
If you want Suella Braverman summed up in one image ….. She is actually standing on a dog. Oblivious
The optics of Suella Braverman standing on a dog, which is a guide dog, no less, are stunningly bad. Living down the "Cruella" moniker is going to be difficult now, if not impossible.

The incident was brought up to Suella Braverman and she proceeded to apologise ‘to all dogs out there.'

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