Huw Edwards: Former colleague reveals how the BBC presenter is amid rumours he will quit

Huw Edwards was suspended from the BBC after it was revealed he had paid a teenager thousands for explicit photos. His former colleague has spoken up.

Huw Edwards to quit BBC?
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Huw Edwards to quit BBC?

Back in July of this year, the BBC faced a massive scandal as it was revealed that one of their presenters had been accused of inappropriate behaviour. At first, the BBC wanted to keep the name of the presenter private, however, Huw Edwards’ wife revealed that it was he who was under investigation.

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Huw’s wife also revealed that the former News at 10 presenter had checked into hospital for his mental health. The BBC then led its own internal inquiry after the police had found nothing of criminal wrongdoing against Edwards.

Now that a few months have passed, one of Huw Edwards’ former colleagues spoke to GB News and revealed how the former BBC news anchor is feeling amid the rumours that he is leaving the corporation for good.

Huw Edwards is ‘very cross’ with the BBC

Huw Edwards’ former colleague John Sargeant spoke to GB News and revealed that Edwards is ‘very cross’ with how the BBC’s internal inquiry went. John Sargeant was a chief political correspondent for the BBCfrom 1992 to 2000.

He told GB News:

I've heard from some people that he's just very cross. ‌He's very honest about the way he's treated, very cross about what's happened, but I mean, the overall result is just so sad.

He added that it is such a shame as Huw Edwards was such a talented broadcaster:

It is one of personal sadness and regret because he was an extremely talented man. I knew him in all these different guises and this is devastating.

Huw Edwards will likely quit the BBC

It is rumoured that Huw Edwards will quit the BBC due to the way he was treated during the internal inquiry. John Sargeant explained that due to the amount of bad publicity, Edwards received during the scandal, it is likely that the BBC or any other news channel will question Huw’s image:

You then get to a position where when you've had this amount of publicity, bad publicity, every programme of any sort is going to ask, ‘well, how will the public relate to this person, will they relate to him the same way as they used to?’ - and the answer is they won’t.

The inquiry is reportedly over and Huw was handed a copy of the report and was given the chance to decide what to do. Huw Edwards was one of the BBC’s highest-paid anchors, earning somewhere between £435,000 and £440,000, as per Express.

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Huw Edwards revealed as presenter at the centre of BBC scandal by his wife Huw Edwards revealed as presenter at the centre of BBC scandal by his wife