Huw Edwards: Despite not working for over eight months he is set to remain the highest-paid presenter at BBC

BBC’s disgraced presenter Huw Edwards is understood to remain the highest-paid newsreader despite not working for the last eight months since the scandal.

Huw Edwards BBC highest-paid presenter scandal
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Huw Edwards BBC highest-paid presenter scandal

2023 was a year of scandals for the entertainment industry. Many TV presenters such as Phillip Schofield and Huw Edwards became the centre of unexpected scandals. Huw Edward was suspended by the BBC in July last year over allegations that he received inappropriate messages from a much younger person and gave them money.

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After a week of rumours and guessing games online, his wife Vicky Flind released a statement that clarified he was the ‘unnamed’ presenter who was accused of sending money to a younger fellow in exchange for sexually explicit images.

Huw Edwards allegedly the highest-paid presenter at BBC

As soon as the news reached senior bosses at the broadcasting company, Huw was suspended. The TV presenter hasn’t worked for BBC for over eight months and yet as the broadcaster is set to announce its annual report this summer, Huw Edward is understood to be the highest-paid newsreader, reports The Express.

The report typically includes the salaries of all staff paid more than £178,000 for the 12 months to the end of March. Details about Huw's six-figure salary are reportedly set to be revealed in the BBC's report in July. This comes after one of his former colleagues at BBC revealed that the presenter may quit.

Huw has always been at the top of BBC’s list of highly paid presenters. Last year, in 2023, the presenter was listed as earning somewhere between £435,000 to £439,999. It is not known how much Huw has earned ever since he was suspended, but an insider has revealed that the amount is ‘bound to spark criticism from the corporation's working staff and BBC licence fee payer.’ They said:

It’s terrible for the licence fee payer if Huw is earning so much but not working. The BBC is getting so much value for money from other people who are doing endless hours.

Another presenter has also raised concerns about continued payments made to Huw and how they were ‘immoral’ despite police not having taken any action against the presenter. Meanwhile, a rep for BBC said:

As we have previously explained, we will not provide a commentary on what is an internal employment process and we would urge people not to indulge in speculation.

BBC's apology for late reaction to Huw Edwards’ scandal

The news of Huw being the highest-paid presenter despite not working comes after BCC previously apologised after an independent probe concluded concerns raised by the young person’s parents were not handled quickly enough.

According to the BBC, the allegations about his behaviour were made in May 2023 but it did not reach the senior managers until July 2023. After an independent report by Deloitte, BBC made improvements at their end to ensure such delays are not faced in future. The company said it has made improvements to its non-editorial complaints process and has more plans for ‘greater consistency’ across teams. Huw Edwards and Phillip Schofield's scandals last year have triggered a demand for change in the TV industry.

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