From Huw Edwards to Holly Willoughby, this is what these TV presenters looked like when they were young

TV presenters are part of our everyday life and so it is difficult to remember the first time we saw them. Let's take a look at the past.

Huw Edwards Lorraine Kelly Holly Willoughby TV Then Now
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Huw Edwards Lorraine Kelly Holly Willoughby TV Then Now

Holly Willoughby, Lorraine, Dermot O'Leary... these TV presenters are on our screens almost every day. They'r part of the family. Their shows enter our homes and some of them have been present for very significant moment in our lives and in the lives of the country.

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For instance, who doesn't remember Huw Edwards announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II on the BBC?

Moreover, it is always interesting to look back and notice how much things have changed. The pictures in this gallery will have you grateful that fashion changed but it might also have you wondering: did these people have any idea about where life would take them?

Huw Edwards: from star presenter to scandal

2023 has been a difficult year for British TV as it has been rocked by many scandals regarding star presenters.

In July, The Sun wrote a story about an anonymous BBC presenter and reported that this presenter had paid an underaged person over £30,000 for explicit pictures. Because of the mystery surrounding the story, days of speculation followed. BBC presenters were left to fend for themselves as the channel chose to stay silent.

Finally, after a week, Huw Edwards' wife, announced that he was the presenter The Sun was writing about. Since the scandal, Huw Edwards has been nowhere to be seen. The BBC suspended him and his wife said that he was in a mental institution as the scandal had taken its toll on Edwards' mental health. In October 2023, no news of Huw Edwards have been given even though the public is demanding to hear from him.

Holly Willoughby, ITV's golden girl caught in Schofield's drama

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were, for a long time, Britain's favourite TV duo. Their on-and-off-again air friendship delighted viewers of This Morning. That was until the Queen's funeral when the two were seen cutting the very long line of people waiting to pay their respect.

After that, rumours of a feud between the two took hold and many believed that it led to Schofield's exit from This Morning in May 2023. But that wasn't true. Indeed, it was later revealed that Schofield's exit was motivated by an affair he had with a younger member of staff whom he met while he was underage.

Following the story, Willoughby took some time off This Morning and her return speech left fans angry. She was accused of not standing by her long time colleague and she was labelled a hypocrite. However, ITV stood by her side and Willoughby is still the lead of the morning show.

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