Holly Willoughby: Will she continue to host Dancing On Ice?

After Holly Willoughby’s exit from ITV’s This Morning there is doubt she will host Dancing on Ice, a source allegedly has the answer.

Source claims Holly Willoughby will return to Danicng on Ice
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Source claims Holly Willoughby will return to Danicng on Ice

On Tuesday, October 10, Holly Willoughby, 42, announced she was leaving This Morning after hosting the show for 14 years. Holly had said she was doing this for her family. After her shock exit, it has left some doubt whether or not Willoughby will return to ITV in January to host Dancing on Ice, which will not see the return of Phillip Schofield.

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A source reportedly close to Holly Willoughby has claimed that she will return to ITV in time for Dancing on Ice. there have also been rumours that ITV has found a replacement for Phillip Schofield but nothing is confirmed yet.

Holly Willoughby could return for Dancing on Ice

Holly Willoughby’s exit from This Morning was somewhat unexpected. According to a source close to her, Holly had been having a difficult time due to recent events - notably the whole scandal surrounding Phillip Schofield.

The source close to Holly told Mirror:

The last few weeks have been really difficult for her, and her team have avoided any formal discussions about work because she has been through so much lately.

Adding that with the help of close ones, she is trying to stay positive:

While Holly has understandably struggled with recent events, she is trying her best –with the help of family and friends – to look forward and to be positive.

Despite her recent struggles, the source is confident that Holly Willoughby will return to Dancing on Ice:

Holly has told pals she wants to do Dancing on Ice. In spite of her decision to walk away from This Morning, she’s still part of the ITV family and loves the show.

An insider at ITV has claimed that the company would be ‘thrilled’ to have her work on Dancing on Ice, as long as Holly feels it is the right decision. They told Mirror:

Holly is a much-loved part of the Dancing on Ice team. We would, of course, be thrilled to have her hosting the show in January, if she feels the time is right.

Who will replace Phillip Schofield on Dancing on Ice?

The hosts for Dancing on Ice are still a mystery as ITV has made no announcements about Phillip Schofield’s replacement or whether or not Holly Willoughby will return. As per Daily Record, ITV bosses have reportedly told Holly that there is no rush or pressure for her to return to the show.

For Phillip Schofield’s replacement, rumours suggest that Stephen Mulhern is a favourite. An ITV insider has revealed that talks with Stephen are ‘at the most advanced stages’. The insider told Mirror:

ITV bosses have held talks with a number of potential candidates, but the current front-runner is Stephen Mulhern.


The talks with him are at the most advanced stage, so while nothing is confirmed, it is looking increasingly likely that he will be stepping into Phil’s shoes. We would of course like Holly to return, but she is under no pressure from us.

Stephen Mulhern hosts ITV’s Catch Phrase and is often seen with the iconic duo Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway and hosts the secondary show Britain’s Got More Talent.

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