Sally Nugent missing from BBC Breakfast once again amid health concerns

BBC Breakfast viewers were left concerned again with Sally Nugent missing from their screens on Monday, and not for the first time. The popular presenter has been bedevilled with health concerns recently, and has already spent time off.

Sally Nugent missing
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Sally Nugent missing

People tuning in to the popular morning show on Monday were shocked to see that Sally Nugent was once again missing from the morning lineup. Sally Nugent is usually a main fixture of BBC Breakfast, which she presents alongside Jon Kay.

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Who is Sally Nugent?

Nugent has been a permanent fixture as a co-presenter on BBC Breakfast for over a decade, and in 2021 joined the show as an official presenter, after her predecessor Louise Minchin decided to leave for pastures new.

At the time she said:

I'm absolutely thrilled to become the new presenter of BBC Breakfast and bring the nation the latest news, top entertainment guests and stories that matter every week. It's an honour to take the reins from Louise and be part of the UK's most-watched breakfast show.

Sally was missing again

On Monday, however, viewers we left worried as Jon Kay appeared alongside Sarah Campbell on the iconic red sofas, and no reason was given for Sally’s absence.

Last month, Sally Nugent also missed the show after appearing hoarse while reading the headlines, again being replaced by Sarah Campbell the next day. Observant viewers noticed that some Lemsip on the table beside her notes. It transpired that she was subesquently forced to take some time off as she was suffering from the flu, with many viewers urging her to get some much needed rest.

Sally Nugent missing  Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard/Getty Images

A tough year for Sally

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for Sally Nugent and her family, who have been known to remain very private when she’s off the screen. In May, it was reported that she and her husband, Gavin Hawthorn, who have a teenage son, were separating after 13 years of marriage. A source close to the pair told the MailOnline that:

It's very sad but they are no longer together. I think they tried to tough it out for quite a while as they didn't want to split up if they could possibly help it for the sake of their son but they clearly couldn't make a go of it. They've both been very guarded about the reasons behind their growing apart but it's been plain for a while that they had been and now it's obvious that they haven't been able to resolve that despite clearly trying for some time.

According to reports, Gavin has moved out of their £1.3m home.

Viewers will be hoping for better news over the coming weeks, and that Sally will return to their morning screens as quickly as possible to read the news.

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