Kaye Adams: The Loose Women panellist reveals she had major health scare

After Friday 19 January’s show, Loose Women’s Kaye Adams revealed that she had suffered a major health scare that made her rush to A&E.

Kaye Adams Loose Women health scare
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Kaye Adams Loose Women health scare

Kaye Adams took to Instagram on Sunday 21 January where she shared a video with her followers. In the video she revealed that the last 48 hours were ‘traumatic’.

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If you caught a glimpse of Loose Women on Friday, maybe you noticed that pannellist Kaye Adams wasn't her usual self. Indeed, we now know that Adams was going through something very disturbing which led her to go to A&E.

Kaye Adams’ health scare

In her video message which she uploaded to Instagram on Sunday 21 January, Adams explains to her followers that her past 48 hours had been ‘traumatic’.

Detailing the event, Adams said:

On Friday when I was doing Loose Women, minutes before we went in air, my right ear just went dead. I put my ear piece in, there was no sound I couldn't hear a thing.

She also reveals she finished the show and that, once back in Glasgow, the issue remained, leaving her ‘absolutely terrified’.

Googling her symptoms, she decided to go to A&E the following morning which ended up a good idea! In her message she continues:

I mean I am embarrassed to say this because, honestly, my head was going to some terrible terrible tumour, I am very melodramatic.
Paula (the audiologist) pulled out the biggest bit of wax you have ever seen.

A situation which ended well but that could have been worse!

The risks of wearing hearing aids

In November 2022 Kaye Adams took to Instagram to announce that she was now wearing hearing aids. At the time she said that she was really happy with these new additions and on Loose Women she addressed the stigma around hearing loss.

I think there’s so much negativity around hearing aids that doesn’t really exist around other things like specs, for example, which are considered cool. I think hearing loss can be associated quite a lot with old age, even though there are loads of reasons you could have it at any age.

While hearing aids can make life so much better there are still some downsides to wearing them. First of all, the NHS explains that hearing aids ‘will not make your hearing perfect’ therefore lowering the negative impact hearing loss can have on one’s life.

According to the FDA, hearing aids can also have minor risks such as ‘ear canal or outer ear skin irritation’ and there is also a risk of having ‘pieces of the device lodged in your ear canal’.

When it comes to Kaye Adams, people reacting to her story have explained that wax can be a problem when wearing hearing aids. One said:

Just reading about your recent adventures. I know as a hearing aid wearer that wax is a huge problem. Glad you’re all sorted.

And one added:

Hearing aids make more wax. Glad that you got it sorted

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