Married At First Sight UK's Shona Manderson’s health struggles: Everything you need to know

Married At First Sight UK’s bride Shona Manderson opens up about her acne struggles. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

MAFS UK Shona Manderson Acne struggle, What are side effects of IUD?
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MAFS UK Shona Manderson Acne struggle, What are side effects of IUD?

Married At First Sight UK’s bride Shona Manderson became a fan favourite instantly despite being axed from the show because of her toxic relationship with Brad Kelly. It was later confirmed that she made a connection with another groom on the show - Matt Pilmoor - after they met at the reunion party.

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Amidst all the drama and romance in her love life, Shona also suffers from acne and keeps updating her followers on her struggles with it. She recently shared yet another update about her acne struggle.

MAFS UK’s Shona Manderson opens up about acne struggles

The performing arts teacher snapped a closeup photo of her face after removing her make-up and explained that she had been to the doctor for help. The 31-year-old bravely showed off her ‘real skin’ and was appreciated by her followers for it.

Shona shared that she has been given a three-month course of antibiotics and prescribed a medicinal gel to apply to her face, confirmed Mirror. She explained:

*Acne update* My skin was great after my peel. I was buzzing with it but it flared up again.
I decided to finally go to the GP and have been given 3 months of Lymecycline (antibiotics) and acnecide gel.
For those interested I'll keep you updated with how I get on & if anyone's taken before please let me know how you got on.

Describing her acne spots as ‘red cysts,’ she added:

I was really reluctant to take antibiotics but they're like cists and so red! X.

Wondering how and why Shona has such an extreme case of acne? It’s because of her IUD.

What is an IUD and what are its side effects?

Shona previously attributed her acne battle to a method of contraception called - IUD. IUD aka Intrauterine Device is a small, T-shaped plastic device (also known as ‘coil’) that’s placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy until it’s removed. IUD helps to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years. According to Healthline, hormonal IUDs can cause acne or oily skin, headache or migraine, nausea or vomiting amongst many other side effects. These are considered to be less common side effects and are no cause for worry.

IUDs produce a progesterone hormone - an androgen - which causes acne. After getting the reason behind her acne diagnosed, Shona also got her coil removed. She shared:

Here's a little update where I'm at, so my spots seem to be like here, here, here, got them really bad on my chin. But I'm getting my coil removed on Monday so hopefully... fingers crossed.

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