Married At First Sight UK’s Nathanial reveals the real reason why he quit the show

Married At First Sight UK’s Nathanial Valentino has claimed that transgender bride Ella Morgan’s drunk antics and asking guys at bar for threesome led to him quitting the show.

MAFS UK Nathanial Valentino and Ella Morgan
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MAFS UK Nathanial Valentino and Ella Morgan

Married At First Sight UK’s first ever transgender bride Ella Morgan may have created history by being on the show, but her journey is tragic, to say the least. Ella was matched with Nathanial by the relationship experts and their marriage came crashing down as easily as it was built.

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MAFS UK fans saw Nathanial Valentino quit the experiment last week after Ella’s affair with JJ Slater came to light. However, there’s more to it than that

MAFS UK Nathanial claims Ella asked guys for threesome

Ella Morgan and JJ Slater’s cheating scandal on the show definitely destroyed their original connection, but it looks like Nathanial had already thought about leaving her. According to The Mirror, Nathaniel has been slamming the E4 programme and producers openly as they didn’t listen to his requests of not being paired with Ella.

It is understood that the 36-year-old Events Manager already knew Ella was a trans woman before it was revealed on the show as the producers wanted to ‘take care of all parties involved.’ However, he has now come forward to claim he wasn’t attracted to her. During a Q&A on his Instagram, he said:

Ella isn't my usual type, I was attracted to her at the wedding and when we were good, we had so much fun.

Revealing more truth about him quitting the show and his relationship with Ella, he added:

The truth is Ella wouldn't spend time with me, she was more into having fun with the girls, I was always in the apartment cooking cleaning shopping etc.
She was more into getting drunk and partying every night than working on us (what we were there for) I went to bed alone 99% time.
We promised each other we would protect each other and she betrayed the friendship and trust we created through this experience. I put up with a lot of her behaviour but this was too much.
I left the show on the honeymoon after I found out production lied to get me on the show and Ella's drunk antics at the hotel bar asking guys for threesomes.
She begged me to stay and that she was sorry for everything - which you guys didn't see.

However, the 29-year-old clinic consultant from Weston-Super-Mare has denied the claims made by Nathanial. She said:

These claims which have been brought to my attention are really upsetting to read and are untrue.
I worked really hard at my relationship with Nathanial and unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. So I would very much like to leave that in the past and move on with my life.

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