MAFS UK former star makes big claim about show bosses approving cheating scandals

Married At First Sight UK has witnessed many cheating scandals in its past few series and there might be a reason for it.

MAFS UK cheating scandals
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MAFS UK cheating scandals

Married At First Sight UK was recently shaken up after theElla and JJ cheating scandal. After pursuing each other behind their expert-picked partners’ backs, the two were exited from the experiment.

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Apart from Ella Morgan and JJ Slater, Jordon Mundell and Megan Wolfe (2021 series), April Banbury (2022 series) and Whitney Hughes and Matt Murray (2022 series) have also cheated on their partners. Is there a pattern here? Apparently, yes!

MAFS UK producers use ‘sly tricks’ to orchestrate cheating scandals

According to former MAFS UK contestant Amy Christophers, the cheating scandals are not as authentic as they seem. Amy has accused the show producers of orchestrating such situations that contestants get tempted to cheat on their partners.

Amy revealed:

Having been on MAFS, I know that the producers will be egging on the cheating in the background – although, obviously, the two parties involved have to be willing to do it.

Amy went on to share that show bosses interrogate the contestants on whether they’ve ever cheated in a relationship. If their answers reveal that they could cheat again, they intentionally pair their ‘ideal’ type with someone else to create juicy TV, reported The Tab. Amy added:

During the audition process, they’ll usually ask if you’ve cheated before, and if you were to say something like, ‘If I like somebody else, I don’t care whose toes I step on, I’ll get them,’ I reckon producers give another contestant your ideal type, knowing it could cause fireworks.

Citing the example from her series about Megan and Jordon, she explained:

In my series Megan Wolfe and Jordon Mundell said they were each other’s types more than the people they were married to.
When they ended up alone in a room together drunk they kissed behind Bob Voysey and Alexis Economou’s backs. It’s like, what did you think was going to happen?!
The former star went on to claim that even the Ella and JJ scandal could be something producers had seensigns about and created it in a way that would cause more chaos. Meaning, they ‘sit on’ the information and ‘unleash it when the moment strikes to cause drama.’

Meanwhile, a channel 4 spokesperson has revealed:

MAFS UK takes its commitment to matching couples very seriously and matchmaking is undertaken by a panel of experts, including on screen experts Paul C Brunson and Mel Schilling.

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