Married At First Sight UK’s Ella and JJ relationship update: Are they still together?

Married At First Sight UK’s Ella Morgan and JJ Slater have shaken up the show with their infidelity. Here’s what the future could hold for the two.

MAFS UK Ella Morgan and JJ Slater
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MAFS UK Ella Morgan and JJ Slater

Married At First Sight UK universe has been going through turbulent times in this series. Ella Morgan - MAFS UK’s first transgender bride - and JJ Slater scandal has left everyone talking about the show.

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Ella was initially picked to be paired with Nathanial Valentino, however, the two split after it was revealed that Ella cheated on him with another groom on the show - JJ.

MAFS UK’s Ella Morgan quits the show

Nathanial Valentino quit the show after Ella’s cheating scandal and subsequently Ella was also told by the experts that she will be leaving the show. On Monday’s episode (October 23), relationship expert Paul Brunson told Ella that since her marriage with Nathanial has failed, she will also have to leave the show. Capital FM confirmed that Ella wasn’t asked about her decision either.

Paul said:

We appreciate you being here, now sadly because your marriage has ended we will not be asking for your decision and you will be leaving the process today.

Ella confirmed the news on her Instagram as she wrote a ‘goodbye’ message to her ‘wild’ journey on the show.

MAFS UK’s Ella and JJ future together

After Ella and JJ left their partners that experts picked for them, they have been pursuing their own connection. JJ accepted that Ella is his usual type and he would like to explore his connection with her. Bianca aired her frustration at JJ’s attraction to Ella and said:

He still wanted what he's going back to which is someone like Ella.

She asked JJ:

If you knew you was going to go back to your original type, why bother asking for someone different?

Meanwhile, Ella also confirmed that she wants to get to know JJ. She said:

I'm going to get to know him outside of this, Bianca.

Are Ella and JJ returning to the show as a couple?

According to MailOnline, MAFS UK has given Ella and JJ the permission to return to the experiment as a couple. A source said:

After initially leaving the show when their marriages failed, Ella and JJ were given permission by the relationship experts to come back, which certainly ruffled feathers among the cast who have taken the process seriously from the beginning.

In a new teaser, the newlyweds were seen reacting in shock as they saw a female figure enter the room. JJ’s ex Erica fumed:

It's absolute bull***. I'm not into it.

The shocked reaction and appearance of the mysterious woman has left fans wondering if Ella is returning with JJ for a second time. Seeing Ella and JJ’s return as a possibility, fans took to X and shared:

Im not even being dramatic when I say I’m considering not watching because Ella and JJ are coming back
Omg Ella and JJ are back in tonight’s episode nah get them off my screen please
If JJ & Ella come back that is the BIGGEST pisstake to everyone taking part
i swear to god if that preview was ella and jj joining the retreat i’m hibernating for the week and watching georges channel to stop myself spiralling

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Who is Ella Morgan? Married At First Sight UK’s first transgender bride Who is Ella Morgan? Married At First Sight UK’s first transgender bride