Married At First Sight UK 2023: Brides and Grooms who have returned to their day jobs

The list of Married At First Sight UK 2023 contestants who have gone back to their normal jobs after the show.

Married at first sight, Brides and grooms that have returned to their day jobs
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Married at first sight, Brides and grooms that have returned to their day jobs

Married At First Sight UK 2023 may have ended on TV merely a month ago, but it has been weeks since the actual experiment ended. The cast members had to remain tight-lipped during the entire time the show was airing to avoid giving spoilers. So far, we know the couples who are still together and what some of them have been up to including the lucrative brand deals they have received. Now, here’s a list of cast members who have gone back to their old day jobs or restarted their businesses.

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Just 48 hours after the finale of MAFS UK, Arthur went back to his day job. He's now back on the court, doing what he loves most — coaching tennis to kids with autism and making a difference. A recent Instagram post from one of his young clients speaks volumes about the positive impact Arthur is making in this special coaching space. They wrote:

Marley playing tennis with Arthur from MAFS. He is the most amazing person! Teaching children with autism is a gift. You have to be patient, kind, encouraging and caring and have a big heart … keep being you.


After being booted from the show for being ‘controlling’ toward his wife Shona, Brad Skelly has started a job at Savers in Grimsby. It seems he's opted for a down-to-earth day job in the world of retail, and you can catch glimpses of him and the rest of the staff members getting into the holiday spirit on the store's Facebook page.


Erica was a multi-talented bride on the show. The 25-year-old had her own business in social media and also taught dance before the show. She has emphasised many times how much she loves her work and is understood to be back at her social media management business to help the businesses grow in Edinburgh.

While she still wants to return to teaching dance, the MAFS UK bride is currently finding it hard to make time for it.


Georges has not only gone back to his beloved world of fitness and sports but also dragged MAFS UK groom Matt with him. After quitting his previous job working in sports rehabilitation at a football club, he has now started a joint venture with Matt to provide ‘the best online coaching service possible to help YOU achieve your goals going into the new year.’


Rozz is the constant creative force behind Rosaline’s Flowers, a blossoming floristry business that has been gracing our feeds with regular updates. This festive season, she has been crafting and offering exquisite Christmas wreaths that are nothing short of stunning.


Terence’s job was probably the most talked about occupation on the show. The DJ was fixed with a bride — Porscha — who didn’t like to party. He’s now back on the DJ scene and has even played at some events and meet and greet with his fellow MAFS UK cast, confirmed The Tab. He will also be hosting the boxing match between Jordan and Luke in February.


Bianca was a hair specialist before the show and she has dived right back into her business after it ended. She owns Hair Extensions By Bee, which offers services such as weaves, tapes, nano bonds and micro rings.


A day after the finale of MAJS UK ended JJ confirmed he’s back at his day job. Posting a picture of parcels he confirmed that he’s back at creating magic at Fullyblessed - his own clothing line.

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