Married At First Sight UK 2023: Are the couples still together?

Married At First Sight UK is almost over and reunion episode is set to shake things up. Before it airs, here are the couples who are still together.

MAFS UK couples who are still together
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MAFS UK couples who are still together

Married At First Sight UK has been a guilty pleasure for a lot of people and it has delivered. From drama, fights and love, MAFS UK has been a rollecoaster ride that’s going to end soon. As the show inches closer to its finish and reunion spells drama for everyone, here’s a list of couples and their current relationship status.

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Terrence Edwards and Porscha Pernnelle

When they first wed, the two were complete opposites and that’s something that showed during this season. Fans were surprised to see them together for as long as they did until a brutal game of spin the bottle after which they decided to leave the process. Since the exit, Porscha has accused Terrence of cheating on her.

Nathanial Valentino and Ella Morgan

Nathanial and Ella parted ways during the process only after Ella’s cheating scandal. Ella cheated on Nathanial with another groom - JJ Slater. Meanwhile, Nathanial has slammed the show bosses heavily after his exit for forcing a connection with Ella after he said no.

Shona Manderson and Brad Skelly

Shona and Brad started out as a ‘too good to be true’ couple but ultimately the cracks started showing in their relationship. After the dinner party where Brad told Shona to ‘shut up’ the MAFS UK experts suggested that the two should leave the experiment. Since the split, both of them have found love in new connections in the real world.

Thomas Kriaras and Rosaline Darlington

Thomas and Rosaline were a perfect love story and viewers hoped that they would still be together. However, Rosaline called off their relationship as she wasn’t ready for it.

JJ Slater and Bianca Petronzi

The two didn’t have the best of the start to their relationship and neither was the end good. JJ cheated on Bianca with another bride - Ella Morgan. The two left the experiment together.

Sean Malkin and Mark Kiley

Sean and Mark caused a stir when they first met as Mark admitted there were no sparks. The two tried to give their relationship a go but they soon hit a bump when Sean said he wanted to leave the experiment.


Paul Liba and Tasha Jay

Paul and Tasha’s social media support hints that the two are still together. However, MAFS UK expert Paul has revealed that the biggest twist of the show is yet to come and it involves Paul and Tasha. This could mean that trouble may be coming their way.

Georges Bert and Peggy Rose

Georges and Peggy have had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. From Peggy’s sister accusing Georges of being ‘rude,’ her parents’ reaction to their relationship to his squatting videos. As such, their current relationship status is still unknown.

Arthur Poremba and Laura Vaughan

After Arthur defended Laura online, fans believe that they’re still together. However, it was reported that Arthur was seen kissing a woman on a night out, putting that theory in jeopardy.

Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle

The couple are still in the experiment together so their relationship status is still unknown. The two appear to be going steady on the show.

Matt Pilmoor and Adrienne Naylor

All may not be well between Matt and Adrienne as he was recently spotted on a date. However, their relationship status is still unknown.

JJ Slater and Ella Morgan

JJ and Ella are going strong after re entering the show but their final relationship status is still unknown

Still Together

Luke Worley and Jay Howard

Despite the ugly fight which led to Luke and Jay leaving the show, the two appear to be still together. They became a fan favourite couple after they bonded straight away. After exiting the post, their social media hints that they have been together with each other.

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Married at First Sight UK: Here are the couples who are still together Married at First Sight UK: Here are the couples who are still together