Love Island All Stars: Are Molly Smith and Callum Jones together and faking their split?

Love Island All Stars has all the fans asking the same question: are Molly Smith and Callum Jones faking their split or was it a true break-up? Let’s dive into it more.

Love Island All Stars Molly Smith Callum Jones relationship timeline fake real breakup
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Love Island All Stars Molly Smith Callum Jones relationship timeline fake real breakup

When ITV bosses cast Molly and Callum, they may not have realised that the two would become the most dominating characters and story line in the villa. Ever since the two entered as separate bombshells on the launch night, things have been chaotic.

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Reportedly, neither of them had any idea the other person would be taking part in the show. It is understood the two parted ways in September 2023 - merely 4 months before the start of Love Island All Stars.

Are Molly Smith and Callum Jones still together and faking their split?

After seeing Molly in the villa, Callum decided to couple with her which appeared to be shocking for Molly. However, this meant that the two shared the same bed. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that two were ‘cuddling’ in the bed. According to The Sun, fans noticed Callum had his arm around Molly while sleeping, hinting the two aren’t as ‘broken up’ as they claim.

One said:

Like no one saw Molly & Callum cuddling??? Do they think we are dumb?

The 32-year-old later kissed Chris while they were testing the theory that staring into someone’s eyes can make you fall in love.

After kissing Chris, Molly broke down in tears which, according to the Love Island fans, only meant one thing - she feels guilty. Considering how Chris was the one who initiated the kiss, fans speculated her tears came as she wasn’t supposed to kiss anyone in the 'grand scheme' orchestrated by Molly and Smith.

In the latest episode, Molly stormed off in tears after a heated discussion with Callum. The former couple clashed again when Molly demanded ‘clarity and confirmation’ from him, confirmed The Sun. This came after Molly insisted that Callum should get to know other girls. As Molly stormed off, many fans labelled her an ‘attention seeker.’

Additionally, Molly still has posts with Callum on her social media including a pinned video on TikTok. Pointing out the pinned TikTok on Molly’s page, a fan said:

So molly still has a pinned video with callum on tiktok. I'm calling a fake breakup.

Seeing how the two go back and forth to each other, one even claimed that they still have feelings for each other but also a lot of pride. They said:

Mental that Callum & Molly still very clearly love each other but neither want to be the first to admit it. Put that pride aside ffs

While the jury is still out on whether their split was real or fake, a friend close to the couple insisted the break up was ‘very real, very raw.’

Molly Smith and Callum Jones' relationship timeline

Molly and Callum met in the 2020 winter series of Love Island. Callum entered as an original islander on the show and formed a connection with Shaughna Phillips, reports Wales Online. Molly entered the show as a Casa Amor bombshell and managed to steal Callum away from Shaughna.

The two went on to leave the villa together and went from strength to strength in their relationship in the outside world. Before their split, marriage and kids were on the cards for the couple as Callum said:

We are perfect. We've got two dogs, so we've got a proper little family going, it's lovely.
There are other things we want to focus on at the minute but obviously, in the future, it's definitely something we both want together... We've just not really decided when.
We're just enjoying things that we've got at the minute and then family and marriage will eventually come into it.

An insider revealed the major reason behind their breakup was that Molly got tired of waiting for a proposal from him and it didn’t happen.

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