Love Island All Stars: Toby Aromolaran makes a massive confession about his split from Chloe Burrows

Toby Aromolaran spills the beans on his split from Chloe Burrows and Love Island fans have massive reactions to it. Here’s what’s happening!

Love Island All Stars Toby Aromolaran Chloe Burrows cheating
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Love Island All Stars Toby Aromolaran Chloe Burrows cheating

Getting former Islanders in a villa and giving them a second chance at love was definitely a great idea from ITV. Not only has the All Stars version raked up the show’s ratings and popularity, but the return for old stars also means spilled beans.

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All the islanders on the show right now have either outgrown their former villa connections or failed to find any during their first time on the show. This basically translates to - a lot of gossip and 'truth' coming out about how and why the relationships ended.

Toby Aromolaran hints Chloe Burrows ‘cheated’ on him

Jake and Liberty’s relationship end was witnessed on TV by everyone and Molly and Callum have been clashing about the reason behind their split. However, Toby and Chloe’s sudden split is still an unanswered question in fans’ minds.

Toby - who is in the All Stars villa to find love again - has now hinted at the real reason behind his split from Chloe. According to The Sun, the 24-year-old had a conversation with Georgia Harrison where he stated a ‘big incident’ happened that made his trust go away. He told her:

I didn’t trust her anymore.... f***ing hell. It's one of those difficult ones.

Digging deeper into their breakup journey, Georgia quizzed him on Chloe potentially talking to other guys. Toby reiterated that the trust was lost between the two. He said:

Something happened and the trust went. I didn't trust her anymore.
I think, if you're in a relationship and you can’t trust them, then it’s done. You can't work on the trust.

Toby insisted the breakup happened after a ‘big incident’ to which Georgia hinted that Chloe cheated on him and Toby simply responded

something like that.

Love Island fans beg Chloe to confront Toby on cheating allegations

Seeing how Toby almost washed the dirty linens of his relationship on TV, many fans begged Chloe to intervene. They took to X and expressed how sending her in the villa right now would ‘ruffle feathers’ after Toby’s big claims. They shared on X:


Chloe is currently on a holiday in Australia that led another fan to add:

Can you stop galavanting around Australia now and go into Love Island and ruffle a couple of feathers.

Love Island’s Chloe and Toby’s split

Toby and Chloe got together during the 2021 Love Island series. The couple made it to the final of the show and, even on the outside, their relationship seemed to go from strength to strength. As such, their breakup announcement in October 2022 left fans in shock. A source told The Sun at the time:

Chloe and Toby have decided to go their separate ways. They have grown apart and there's no major hard feelings.

Months after the split, Toby publicly spoke about the relationship and claimed that ending it ‘wasn’t a hard decision.’ He said:

At the end of the day, it wasn’t a hard decision – once you’re having serious core problems, really and truly it’s done, isn’t it.

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Love Island All Stars: Toby Aromolaran confirms Chloe Burrows cheated on him Love Island All Stars: Toby Aromolaran confirms Chloe Burrows cheated on him