Love Island All Stars: Here’s how much the islanders are getting paid to be in the villa

Ever wondered how much do Islanders get paid to stay in the villa? We have the answer right here - from All-Stars contestants to first-time islanders.

Love Island All Stars Islanders salaries wages
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Love Island All Stars Islanders salaries wages

Finding love is a big motivation for islanders to sign up for Love Island, but what’s equally important is money. While the contestants are in the villa, their normal life still requires them to pay bills and do the essentials. As such, it is understood that the islanders are paid a nominal amount of money to not hamper the usual course of their lives.

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With different versions of Love Islandairing on different platforms, all islanders from different series are paid different amounts. It is apparent from the figures revealed by islanders over time that first-time islanders are paid less than what All-Stars cast is paid.

Love Island All Stars - here’s how much the cast are being paid to be on the show

Love Island All Stars have all our favourite islanders - from Georgia Harrison to series ten Mitchel Taylor. Considering how most of these islanders are already well-established and have great careers outside the villa, their pay from ITV is much higher than the original series Islanders.

According to Cosmopolitan, the islanders are getting paid £2,000 a week to return to the villa. The show is on for five weeks - meaning, if the islanders stay till the end of the journey they will be able to make £10,000.

Additionally, whosoever wins the show would also bag £50,000.

However, the All Stars cast is unhappy with the £2,000 a week pay as they make much more than that during the week. A source shared:

Many of the Islanders rely on their social media deals to make cash and by going into the villa, their revenue source will be down.
They are pushing ITV for more cash because they're saying £2,000 a week isn't enough.

Love Island contestants' weekly wages to be on the show

This comes after it was confirmed by Demi Jones that she was paid £250 a week when she first appeared on the show. Demi rose to fame after series six where she came third alongside Luke Mabbott.

Before going into the villa, she took to her TikTok and shared her wage with her fans, reports TheMirror. She said:

Yes, you do get paid to go on the show. I personally got paid £250 a week.
This is obviously to cover all your bills at home because you could have a flat, you could have a car to pay for, all the things like that.

However, it was later revealed that the £250 a week was hiked up to £375 per week for appearing on Love Island.

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