Love Island All Stars: Mitchel Taylor may have sparks flying with this islander but there’s a catch

Love Island’s Mitchel Taylor is ready to find love again in the villa but there may be a small hiccup in his journey. Here’s what’s happening!

Love Island All Stars Mitchel Taylor Demi Jones Ella Barnes
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Love Island All Stars Mitchel Taylor Demi Jones Ella Barnes

Love Island series 10 star Mitchel Taylor will be back on our TV screens from today (15 January 2024). After a very chaotic experience the first time he was in the villa, ‘messy Mitch’ is ready to shake things up yet again. The 28-year-old former gas engineer from Sheffield has high hopes for the upcoming series.

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Those who have seen his series would know how things were going smoothly between Mitch and Abi until Ella Barnes arrived as a bombshell on the show. Well now, it looks like Ella will be altering his experience again this time around despite not being on the show. Here’s how!

Love Island’s Mitch interested in Ella Barnes’ friend Demi Jones

Love Island All Stars contestants have no idea about the Islanders who are taking part in the show this time. But, they do have a list of former Islanders they would like to see in the villa in a bid to connect with them.

Mitchel Taylor also has a list of former Islanders who he would like to see in the villa. Starting with footballer Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma Owen - who dated his lookalike Islander Luca Bish to Georgia Harrison and Demi Jones. While Gemma is not on the show, Georgia and Demi are going to be in the villa.

Reportedly, Demi and Mitch had something of a spark the last time they spoke and despite his wish to pursue that it may not be possible as she’s good friends with his ex Ella Barnes. Speaking to The Sun, Mitch said:

I didn't watch her [Demi Jones] season but when we had our conversation, there was a bit of a connection, a bit of a vibe but the conversation had to end because she had come with Ella [Barnes].

Mitch insists that Demi ended the conversation because she was being ‘respectful’ to Ella B, but he doubts even if she enters the villa will she be talking to him. He added:

The one thing that upsets me is if Demi was to ever come into the villa, is she going to talk to me if she's friends with Ella?
That's one of them things, I don't know?

Mitchel Taylor opens up about homophobic incident

Mitch not only failed to find love with his ex-girlfriend Ella Barnes but also failed to cash in on any fame from his previous time on the show. This comes as he was hit by a massive controversy after the show and was branded ‘obnoxious, disgusting and vile.’

The homophobic episode made his management drop him and he lost ‘tens of thousands of pounds worth of work.’ Ahead of featuring on Love Island All Stars, Mitch explained how the entire situation got out of hand and how he’s not ‘homophobic.’ Mitch said:

It was just someone who said something in order to get a bit of clout because I was very relevant at the time and in order to do that it did cause a lot of damage.
I lost tens of thousands of pounds worth of work.

He argued that if any of those allegations had been true, Love Island bosses would’ve never approached him again to be on the show for the second time. Mitch understands that the entire episode may be brought up again in the villa but he’s ready to talk about it and stand his ground, reports The Sun.

But will Islanders buy his side of the story? Only time can tell. But, TBH, at this point, it looks like his Love Island journey might be cursed.

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