Mitchel Taylor: Age, salary, career, Here's what we know about the Love Island contestant

The gas engineer, turned Love Island contestant Mitchel Taylor is creating a storm in the villa. Here's everything you need to know about him.

A look at the life of Love Island's Mitchel Taylor, who is currently brewing drama
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A look at the life of Love Island's Mitchel Taylor, who is currently brewing drama

There's a new star in the latestLove Island season 10 villa, and his name is Mitchel Taylor. Love Island brings together people from all walks of life and puts them in a romantic island villa to find love, which keeps them going. And with new islanders in every latest season, the ITV series produces some stars that fans go ga-ga over season after season, time after time. And this time, it is popular contestant Molly Marsh's island boo - Mitchel Taylor.

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As the summer is progressing in the villa, with new islanders and old ones clashing, fans are excited to see how the fun will unfold this year around. The ITV series hosted by Maya Jama, has seen some interesting cast members, from Catherine, to Leah, and of course Molly. Day after day, the series has got its audiences really hooked as they make a good image, and find their better half on the island, in this day and age.

And just like every new star on Love Island, he is making news like nobody's business for various reasons. If you want to know more about this young enigmatic bachelor, look no further. You are in the right place.

Here's everything you need to know about Mitchel Taylor, his life, how his summer on the island is going, and all the tea about the 'best' islander.

Who is Mitchel Taylor?

Taylor is one of those fun-loving, happy-go-lucky guys who is said to be looking for his true love. His occupation is unlike the usual people who date and find love on the island.

A 26-year-old gas engineer from Sheffield, The Tab recently revealed that the Islander was making an annual salary of £40,000 a year.

He has an active Instagram account wherein he shows his fans his fitness and his lifestyle-related content. Needless to say, people think he is cute, fun, and a good gentleman, thanks to his keenness to find love in the villa among the islanders. Given his age, he is said to have not wanted to play the field anymore and is just really looking to settle down and grow old together with his special someone for the years to come.

Relationships in the Love Island villa

The young gas engineer first coupled up with Molly Marsh and while they did make a cute couple, the islander is now getting closer to Jess. Despite trying to date outside the villa, it is said that he just couldn't find love and focussed on his job. But good news for the young man, as he seems to have found his best match. And given how Love Island operates, he is likely to find a new occupation and job as an Instagram influencer, given the social media reach the cast gets, for years to come.

What is happening in the ITV series?

Hosted by the lovely former contestant Maya Jama, the fans want to see more of the drama brewing in the island every day. With many a star entering the villa and getting dumped, every islander that finds love really lucks out. From Catherine, and Leah, to Charlotte and Sammy, every islander is paving their path to a better image. Despite what others think, someone people are in it for the love and want to settle down after the latest season ends, and Mitchel claims he is one of them.

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