Winter Love Island fans want these two contestants to get together as they have 'potential'

Winter Love Island chats might be dry, but there’s a ‘potential’ couple in the villa that fans are going crazy over and want to see as a real couple.

Winter Love Island: Fans are rooting for this ‘secret’ couple in the villa who’s got ‘potential’
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Winter Love Island: Fans are rooting for this ‘secret’ couple in the villa who’s got ‘potential’

With all the twists and turns, the drama and the romance in the air – Love Island fans think there’s incredible chemistry between two islanders who could be a ‘potential’ couple. Currently coupled up with ‘two-faced’ Olivia, fans believe Tom and Zara could make a great couple.

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Zara’s play

25-year-old Zara Lackenby-Brown is one of the recent bombshells to enter the villa and is currently playing the field. She’s chatted with bombshell Tom Clare and TikTok’s famous farmer Will. However, fans are excited to see her match as a potential couple with Tom.

When the Macclesfield striker pulled the West London model for a chat, Love Island viewers got extremely happy to see the possibility of a ‘potential’ and ‘appropriate’ match. Zara even went on to snog Tom in a game of beer pong with a twist. Zara kissed Tom when her cup read ‘Snog the Islander you would couple up with if your current partner wasn't in the villa.’ According to Mirror, Olivia Hawkins was really annoyed to see that.

Zara and Tom

Looking at a private moment Zara shared with Tom on the balcony in Love Island villa, fans rushed to share their excitement. According to The Sun, fans took to Twitter and shared their happiness, one wrote:

Zara and Tom have potential.

Another three added:

Tom’s feeling Zara all I can see is love struck eyes.
Personally i think Zara got the best vibes with Tom tbh.
I actually really love Zara and Tom together iwl.

Another two said:

I want Zara n Tom together, their looks match each other.
I’m team Tom & Zara.

Meanwhile, some also thought that Tom and other guys in the villa just want a piece of Zara. One wrote:

These guys want a piece of Zara… look at how Tom is eyeing her like she’s a steak.

Another said:

Tom liking that Zara is tall, he likes a girl to keep him on his toes & roast him too.

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Winter Love Island: First two potential contestants revealed Winter Love Island: First two potential contestants revealed