Love Island's Gemma Owen reveals the truth behind the alleged ‘new man’ in her life

The media was filled with rumours recently that claimed Gemma Owen is dating rapper Bugzy Malone. However, the teenager has now denied the claims.

Love Island’s Gemma Owen denies dating rapper Bugzy
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Love Island’s Gemma Owen denies dating rapper Bugzy

Rumour had it that Love Islandstar Gemma Owen had a new man just two months after her breakup with fishmonger Luca Bish. It was believed that she was dating 32-year-old Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone, however, the international dressage rider has denied the claims.

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Single and Happy Gemma

Insisting that she’s happily single, Gemma told MailOnline that she’s just focusing on herself and her work. After launching her first collection with PrettyLittleThing, she cleared the air behind her alleged ‘new man.’

The rumour that started from TikTok is false according to Gemma who confirmed that she has neither ever met Bugzy Malone nor ever talked to him in real life. The two don’t even follow each other on Instagram. Gemma revealed:

I have never met or spoken to him and we don't follow each other on social media. I am not dating and I am definitely single.

She explained:

Just after Christmas, I had much-needed time with my family and friends and I am working on myself.
I am not going to date anytime soon and I'm not looking.
On a personal level, I want to work on my happiness and investing time in people close to me, my family and friends and just being content in myself.

Gemma and Winter Love Island

Winter Love Island – where Maya Jama broke a rule – is going to Gemma’s new interest amongst focusing on herself and spending time with her loved ones. After being a part of the show last year, the teenager claimed that it would be ‘odd’ watching it from the side of the screen, but she’ll do it regardless. Gemma said:

It is quite odd, watching it from the other side of the screen.
Since I've been in there and I know what's going on and now watching it from the other point of view again, it is strange. It will be enjoyable to watch and I wish all of the new Islanders the best.

She added:

I am probably going to keep quiet and let them do their thing in the villa and see how it all pans out…

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Love Island's Gemma Owen allegedly has a new man, and he's 13 years older Love Island's Gemma Owen allegedly has a new man, and he's 13 years older