Hugo reveals secret event of Love Island that is never aired on TV

Hugo Hammond reveals that an integral part of the day in the Love Island villa is not captured on camera.

Love Island
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Love Island

By now, it’s glaringly obvious that reality television is not as ‘real’ as it seems. However, we can always count on the camera to capture all the best moments of the villa—or can we? Recent Love Island dumpee, Hugo Hammond revealed on his Instagram that fans are missing out on an intimate event that takes place every day in the Love Island villa.

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Dinner scenes

Every Love Island fanatic knows that no one ever gets to see the contestants having dinner, and Hugo has shared that it is quite a special event in the villa. Love Islanders dine together every night and are brought delicious dinners that are prepared by personal chefs. He said in an Q&A with his fans:

We had a lot of chicken and fish so it got a little bit repetitive and they served it by bringing out tables and chairs by the kitchen.
We’d eat, we’d scran, finish it up, wash up all the dishes ourselves and then they’d take the tables and chairs away and we’d carry on living our best Island lives.

Can you imagine the juicy dinner table conversations we’ve been missing out on?

McDonald’s in the villa

The eating habits of the contestants may not be camera-worthy, but in the 2019 series, fans were curious about it when they saw a McDonald’s McFlurry stocked in the freezer. Then Love Islanders Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk confirmed their delivery orders on Heat Magazine and Belle said:

Yeah, we needed that. We really did.

Anton added:

I think it was about once a week we were getting them. I had a few chicken nuggets here and there. Belle was trying to fatten me up, before the next bombshell came in.
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