Dumped Love Islander Georgia calls out ‘performative’ Hugo

Last week saw plenty of comings and goings in the villa—and Georgia Townend has some thoughts despite only lasting 48 hours in there.

Love Island Contestants
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Love Island Contestants

Last week, we saw Georgia Townend enter the villa as a bombshell alongside Tyler Cruickshank and Abigail Rawlings. While Tyler swept Kaz off her feet and Abigail managed to turn Toby’s head, poor Georgia was dumped at her first recoupling after failing to win Hugo’s affections.

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Hugo picked Chloe over Georgia in the recoupling, giving a blistering speech slamming the way Toby had treated Chloe. While Hugo clearly has some romantic feelings towards Chloe, she has since made it very clear that she doesn’t see him as more than a good friend.

Georgia: ‘A little bit performative’

Appearing on Aftersun this Sunday, Georgia revealed what she really thought of Hugo’s recoupling speech:

It's honourable he's such a good friend to Chloe, I personally found it a little bit performative. I think it was more for her benefit than calling Toby out, he wanted to be her knight in shining armour and I think he did that.

Despite things not working out between herself and Hugo, Georgia wished him well for Casa Amor, saying:

I hope that the separation of him and Chloe, who I think he has feelings towards, will put the onus on him to progress with other people. At the moment her being in such close proximity to him shuts other people off.

Hugo and Chloe

Georgia’s not the only one to have noticed Hugo’s longstanding crush on Chloe. Fellow dumped Islander Sharon Gaffka—who was also given the brush-off by Hugo—said this weekend:

I think Hugo has had feelings for Chloe since day one.

Will he manage to move on from her in Casa Amor now she’s made it clear they won’t be more than friends?

Love Island bombshell Georgia calls Hugo her ‘number one’ Love Island bombshell Georgia calls Hugo her ‘number one’