Anna Vakili reveals Love Island auditions are underway

Whilst there’s still much uncertainty over Love Island 2021, Anna Vakili has revealed that casting for the show is definitely underway.

Love Island auditions are underway
© ITV2/Love Island
Love Island auditions are underway

It looks like ITV are pressing ahead with plans for Love Island 2021, despite the ongoing uncertainty around the show. Former Islander Anna Vakili, who appeared on the show in 2019, has revealed that prospective Islanders are currently being interviewed by show producers.

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Love Island interviews underway

In an interview with The Sun, Anna revealed:

I’ve had a few DMs from people within the last month saying, ‘Oh I’m going for an interview for Love Island. Have you got any advice?’ It was no-one that I knew, but I just told them to be themselves and wished them luck. I took the time to respond because I know how nerve-wrecking that process is.

Whilst applications for Love Island 2021 are still open to the public, Anna admitted that she didn’t actually apply through the online process herself. Instead, like the majority of the Islanders who are selected for the show, she was initially approached by producers via Instagram.

Key worker Love Island

Last week, it was rumoured that ITV producers are especially interested in recruiting key workers for Love Island 2021. Anna, who is a pharmacist and returned to her old job during the pandemic, thinks that this is a great idea that would provide a healthy influence for the younger generation.

She said:

We see a lot of models and influencers, but we don’t see enough of people from educated backgrounds, and it’s nice to get a mix… I like to show the younger generation that it’s cool to study—you can have both! You can have a good time and be sexy and fun, but you can also be smart.
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