Love Island recoupling result revealed early in Aftersun blunder

Last night’s Love Island ended on a massive cliffhanger as it was revealed another girl would be dumped—but Aftersun may have given away who it was.

Love Island Contestants
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Love Island Contestants

Be warned, there are potentially massiveLove Island spoilers below, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything before the recoupling airs on TV!

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Love Island recoupling spoilers

Love Island producers decided to screen last night’s Euros football final for the Islanders and broadcast scenes of them watching the match on Aftersun. Since we know that tonight’s recoupling was filmed before the match (teaser footage was shown at the end of Sunday night’s episode)—any girls seen in these clips must have survived the dumping.

The footage focused mainly on the boys of the villa watching the match—but we also clearly saw Lucinda and Millie watching the game with them. Since Millie shared a kiss with Liam on last night’s episode and Brad is clearly very keen on Lucinda, this wasn’t too much of a spoiler.

Chloe was shown reading out a text saying:

Islanders, tonight you will be able to watch the England football team play Italy in the final of the European Championship! #ItsComingHome.

Again, this was no big spoiler as she’s getting on very well with Toby at the moment—so he’ll almost certainly pick her at the recoupling. Likewise Liberty, who appeared live from the Beach Hut on Aftersun, will almost certainly have been picked by Jake.

Who gets dumped on tonight’s Love Island?

Meanwhile, producers clearly made an effort to avoid showing the girls who are in less solid couples and therefore most at risk of being dumped—Kaz, Rachel, Faye and Sharon. However, an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit spotted Faye sitting by the pool when Chloe received the text—suggesting she is safe.

The Redditor also reckoned they’d identified Kaz’s voice off-screen in the short clip—leaving Sharon and Rachel the only two girls not to appear in the footage from Sunday evening. That means it’s very likely one of them will be going home in the recoupling. And with Sharon and Aaron still seeming cosy despite their apparent break-up last week, it looks like it could be bad news for Rachel...

Ex-islander reveals a shocking truth about the recouplings on Love Island Ex-islander reveals a shocking truth about the recouplings on Love Island