Molly-Mae reveals the real reason for distancing herself from Love Island

Love Island 2019 star Molly-Mae Hague has admitted she deliberately took steps to distance herself from the show that shot her to fame.

Molly Mae
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Molly Mae

Molly-Mae Hague is undeniably one of the most successful reality stars to ever come out of Love Island. While many ex-Islanders go on to appear on other reality shows, Molly-Mae has avoided further TV appearances in favour of developing her Instagram and YouTube followings—and deals with fashion and beauty brands.

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Molly-Mae new PLT creative director

This week, she announced that she had been appointed creative director of fast fashion brand Pretty Little Thing. She went viral this week as she celebrated the new job—which comes with a seven-figure pay-check—by treating herself to a £37,000 Cartier bracelet.

Following the announcement, she spoke to The Sun about her deliberate decision to distance herself from Love Island. She revealed:

When I came out of Love Island, I never wanted to be known as a Love Islander because I felt it closed me off to a lot of other opportunities that I have now explored in the way I distanced myself.

She continued:

I don’t believe, if I had stuck with ‘I'm just a Love Islander, I’m just a Love Islander,’ I probably wouldn’t be sitting here now as the creative director of PLT. It wasn’t necessarily all strategic but definitely from the start I have worked on distancing myself and not just being capped as being known as one thing.

Molly-Mae ‘forever grateful’ to Love Island

That being said, Molly-Mae insisted that she was ‘forever grateful’ to the show not only for launching her career but also for introducing her to boyfriend Tommy Fury. The couple have now been together for two years and live together in Cheshire when they’re not travelling for work.

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