Love Island intruder reveals how he got into the villa

There was a code red lockdown in the Love Island villa earlier this week when Youtube ‘prankster’ Omer Majid managed to get past security.

Love Island
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Love Island

Love Island bosses have been forced to step up villa security after an intruder wearing night-vision goggles managed to get into the villa earlier this week. 21-year-old Omer Majid and a cameraman thwarted security and got into the Beach Hut before being removed by security on Tuesday night.

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Love Islandintruder

In an interview with The Sun, the trespasser revealed:

We flew out the week before and started scouting the villa. We used long lenses to watch the guards patrolling and keeping watch from their watchtowers. The first time we tried to break in we spotted a blindspot behind a bush and realised we could climb up through the undergrowth to get to the villa.

After being spotted by security guards on their first attempt to enter the complex, the pair pretended to be tourists, before returning the following night dressed in full black and wearing night-vision goggles. This time, they managed to climb up through the bushes and walk straight through the open door of the villa.

‘Code red’

Security were obviously aware of the intrusion before Omer Majid and his cameraman got there as the Islanders were locked in panic rooms—with half of them in the downstairs bedroom and the rest in an upstairs dressing room. Eventually, security caught up with him while he was in the Beach Hut.

After being removed from the villa, he says he was questioned by police before being released when they couldn’t find his SD memory card. It’s not clear whether Omer Majid is still in Majorca or whether he has returned to the UK but he has continued to be active on his social media accounts. Meanwhile, Love Island are tightening up their security even further.

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