Love Island: The hidden romances of the villa

The ITV2 dating reality show is all about making connections and trying to find love, but this season has some hidden romances that no one is addressing on-screen.

Love Island: The hidden romances of the villa
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Love Island: The hidden romances of the villa

Love Island is all about finding love and this year’s season is just weeks away from the final with couples still struggling to go past their ups and downs. Amidst this, there are some hidden romances in the villa that have undeniable connections and sparks; yet they aren’t being explored because all of these Islanders are coupled up with other contestants.

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Luca & Tasha

Luca Bish and Tasha Ghouri’s friendship has been worsening over time, reports The Sun. While initially, Luca showed interest in Tasha, it looks like now he doesn’t like her at all. At least, on the face of it! Former Love Island star Jay Younger and fans believe that Luca fancies Tasha and is hurt that she picked Andrew over him. Jay recently wrote on his social media and said:

Luca, do you fancy Tasha?

And Love Island fans widely agreed with Jay’s theory as nothing else could possibly explain why Luca is always too rude with Tasha. Classic schoolboy behaviour by the fishmonger, right?

Gemma & Billy

Well, these two had it coming. The revelation of their flirty chats in Casa Amor has troubled Luca quite a bit this week, confirms The Sun. And the fishmonger might have all the reasons to be jealous of it. A recent clip showed Billy and Gemma together in the washroom where Gemma had mouthwash in her mouth and Billy commented ‘nice.’

The chemistry the two shared at that moment hadn’t gone unnoticed by the fans and all of them believe Billy and Gemma together could be the start of something new and beautiful. Some fans wrote:

Gemma and Billy in the bathroom just staring at each other and laughing… why does she look happier with Billy.
Don’t let Luca see that bathroom clip of Gemma and Billy he’ll cry.

Paige & Dami

The flirty friendship and connection they have is reportedly the talk of the Town, according to The Sun. Even their current partners are left feeling a little uncomfortable and on the edge with their strong connection. Especially after the recent game of snog, marry, pie where Paige proposed to Dami.

Other signs that these two have a good thing going on that is more than just friendship include the racing heart challenge where Dami’s went up higher for Paige than Indiyah, the relief Paige had when Dami was saved from the last eviction and of course, Dami’s interest in knowing if Adam and Paige cuddled while sleeping.

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