Where is Love Island filmed? Here's a sneak peak into all the villas

From Spain, to South Africa, the Love Island villas over the years is nothing short of spectacular, here's why.

Love Island: A look into all of the villas of the past seasons
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Love Island: A look into all of the villas of the past seasons

Love Island is a series that not just gives people love and relationship goals. But, it also gives us some great villa goals, all credit to its producers who share the journey of many a night at the Love Island residence on our big screens.

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The ITV show features islanders who occupy, share, and find love, and some times break up, in a beautiful villa set in an exotic location. Needless to say, the Love Island villa has seen different looks over the years, with it getting better every time January comes around. Fans of the ITV show know what it is like to have a new and improved location every series, just like the CBS media version of Love Island.

With upgrades around every series, year after year, fans get to see a new property that becomes home for its contestants. Be it ITV, or its American counterpart CBS, the glam factor in every Love Island villa remains the same, despite the series, contestants, and episodes. And it does appear to keep getting better, be it the Winter Love Island series, or the usual series shot in January. Here is a look at all the popular Love Island villas that have just blown the minds of the viewers away, episode after episode.

Cape Town

The villa located in South Africa's Cape Town was a bit hit with the viewers of the show in 2020, with it being the first Winter Love Island series. The plot is said to be breathtaking, going by many a video that has popped up around it. Huge credit to the producers for finding this area during the pandemic. Mountains, vineyards, star factor, you name it, and the South Africa abode has got it. The location is spread across a massive area wherein the producers were said to have had a fun time while shooting.


Most of the summer Love Island series have been filmed in Villa Sa Vinyassa in Mallorca. The coming series 10 will also be filmed in this gorgeous landscape.

Here's a first look into the villa of Love Island series 10:

The place is nothing short of gorgeous, with an amazing pool overlooking the view. Any popular Love Island video that people watch mostly features this property. And viewers have seen many contestants who appear to have shared their love in this residence. Being an area that can be rented, it is a great place to get dumped, if you ask us. A look into the home reveals how much thought and know-how has gone into building it.

OG villa in Mallorca

While Summer Love Island have always been filmed in Mallorca, the villa was different in series 1 and 2.

This beautiful pool villa was revealed to be in Mallorca in series 1 and 2 of Love Island. Being the OG old location of Love Island, it does give Love Island fans a nostalgic look into the first home of the old islanders, from day 1. As per an advertisement, the villa was worth £3.1 million two years ago. Like every Love Island villa, the viewers have seen many a summer day and night pass by here, as the series helps them find love, in all the episodes.

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Being the second villa in South Africa, after the Winter Love Island in 2020, the new villa for the ITV series does the job of bringing people together. Anyone who does watch the series knows what a typical day there looks like, and how the new villa really gets the boys and girls, AKA the islanders super thrilled. Being close to a 5-star resort, the charm of the residence is revealed at first sight, whether someone gets dumped there or not. Needless to say, media houses can't stop photographing this property.

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