Love Island cast: Here's what the contestants of series 3 are up to now

From finding their own happy endings, to building successful careers, here's what the cast of Love Island series 3 are up to now.

Love Island: What are the contestants of series 3 doing now?
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Love Island: What are the contestants of series 3 doing now?

Summer Love Island is just around the corner, with its first episode airing June 5! ITV has finally revealed the 10 contestants who will start the show off with a bang.

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But while fans are busy talking and stalking the incoming contestants, this time of year is the best to dig into what has happened with past contestants, including those in series 1 and series 2.

Love Islandseries 3 cast members have come a long way since the reality dating series aired in 2017. The ITV series explored dating and finding love from within a luxury villa, leaving their old inhibitions behind, as it's done time and again through all the series. With boys and girls from various walks of life, with a different occupation, the cast got to know each other and got into a new relationship with their time in the ITV villa. While many a relationship was formed in the Love Island villa, fans can't help but wonder where their favorite star stands post-Love Island.

Some relationships stood the test of time, and are still going strong, some just didn't work out. With old baggage, complex equations, and thriving careers and work in the way, many couples like clockwork called it quits. If you often think about how things are going with the islanders, and what is left of their equations, read on. Here's a look at how the lives of the Love Island series 3 cast are going after all these years and how things have changed since day 1 of the series.

Kem and Amber

Kem and Amber, as fans already know, were the winning couple of the ITV show. They shared good chemistry during Love Island and made everyone think that they were going to make it. But post Love Island, things stopped looking good for them. The couple split within 6 months of getting out of the villa, and are said to be single. Both of them are doing well in their jobs, as per Instagram, especially Amber and her career as a model. They have come a long way since series 3 of Love Island.

Camilla and Jamie

Jamie and Camilla truly found love in the villa. The new relationship, which they found in 2017, turned into something huge with a marriage and two children. The duo have been going strong since they started dating and are said to share a happy life together, by hitting new milestones year after year. They often post about their beautiful life together on Instagram and this is the content Love Island fans need. Their occupation and work life also seems to be going well, after all these years.

Sam and Georgia

Like most Love Island couples, Sam and Georgia didn't make it. Georgia even went on Instagram and announced their split, with cheating allegations against Sam. The reality show star seems happy now and says she is in a good place. Her job as a model and influencer seem to be a hit, as Georgia is seen living it up and traveling day in and day out. Sam is also doing his job well and seems to be happy with another girl, after all these years. Surely they don't meet or don't seem in touch with one another.

Olivia and Chris

Olivia and Chris have had their share of ups and downs after the ITV series ended. As fans already know, Olivia and Chris broke up soon after the show. But despite their relationship not working out, they paved their own paths. Olivia got back together with an old boyfriend and their meet turned into an engagement. As per his Instagram, Chris is single and is pursuing his occupation as a model/anchor and his business ventures. Their love didn't age like fine wine, but their career did, which was their need of the hour.

Montana and Alex

No surprises here, the 'it girl' Montana and Alex broke up soon after the ITV series ended. Alex was said to have revealed later on that he was ready to date someone new. Both of them have found love after the show with different people and things are looking good for them occupation-wise too. Alex and Montana are Instagram influencers, who also model every now and then. Be it their job, or love life, everything panned out just right for the former couple.

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