Who is Abi Moores? Here's everything to know about Love Island's series 10 contestant

From being a new bombshell on casa amor, to having royal connections, Abi Moores is the bombshell set to shake things up in the villa.

Love Island's Abi Moores and everything to know about her
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Love Island's Abi Moores and everything to know about her

Abi Moores recently shook up the Casa Amor of Love Island. Being one of the bombshells sent to stir things up at Casa Amor in series 10, Abi Moores has already made her impact on the islanders of the ITV series, despite entering the villa way later.

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Fans of Love Island can't wait to see more of the new star, and just want a sneak peek into her old life, be it her family or her career. Like most Love Island members, she did not feature in June, instead joined the Spanish villa as a new bombshell to shake up the existing love story happening on the island. As as fans know and can expect, year after year, these bombshells change the course of the story just like that from the time and day they enter the series.

So for everyone who wants to know all about Abi Moore, from her father and mother to her family life and home, you're in the right place. You will be blown away by the new stars years before entering the villa, and the world she comes from, given that it has important people, as she herself says.

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Abi Moore's career

Abi Moores, who is also a flight attendant, is currently just shaking things up in Love Island, given that she joined later. This years cast in the ITV series is truly special with the villa booming with people pursuing different career paths. The new star that describes herself as feisty has left her home in Hampshire to find love in the Love Island villa.

She is seeking love, and hopefully, a husband, who she can grow old with. Like the age old story goes, she is getting closer to finding her true love on the island with every passing day, given that every man in the villa is seeking the same. And time after time, like how it usually goes, she is likely to find a home and a husband with a lot of work and effort going into how she chooses to spend the time left in July. With each day on the island, she is finding her place with the existing people, who have already formed connections that began in June and have stayed strong till July.

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Abi Moores' family life

Being husband-less has brought Abi into the show, and hopefully, she will become a wife soon enough, with the right man onboard. The 25-year-old is an Instagram influencer who has left her flight attended job to be in the ITV villa, much to her fans' delight. She enjoys a successful career at a young age, but now, as she grows old, she is ready to find love, and hopefully become a wife as she walks away from the island, and later start a family by becoming a mother.

She is also well-connected to big shots around the world, with a connection to the royal family.

Abi, who lived in Sandhurst with her family, used to keep her horse, at the same place as Prince William and Harry. Little is known about her mother or father, as she has not yet revealed her family story on the show. Her social media also doesn't have much about her roots, be it her dad and mother, her school life, or if she has a brother or sister. But, fans are just hoping to see some bits of her life before Love Island, particularly hear about her childhood years, from what her father does, to how her school life was.

Abi shows a lot of potential to find a real connection as the star has spent years single, given her age. But with night after night in the villa, the world gets to see another side to her, as she fights the undercurrents away and tries to work towards love.

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Molly Marsh: Here's everything we know about the popular Love Island series 10 contestant Molly Marsh: Here's everything we know about the popular Love Island series 10 contestant