Molly Marsh: Here's everything we know about the popular Love Island series 10 contestant

Shaking up the Love Island villa, Molly Marsh brought some allegations with her, here's what they are.

Love Island's Molly Marsh
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Love Island's Molly Marsh

Molly Marsh has taken the newLove Island villa by storm in series 10. Hosted by Maya Jama, the summer with the islanders is something to look forward to, as it has never disappointed over the years. The series, this time, features some interesting islanders like Ruchee, who was recently evicted, Ella, Catherine, Mitchel, Jess, Andre, Tyrique, George, and so on. And just weeks into the show, fans are getting to know the islanders, with every new day.

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Being a famous mom, Molly stepped into Love Island in season 10 as a contestant looking for love. But, as many islanders from the ITV series do, she has really stirred up some controversies, slowly unraveling with episode after episode of Love Island. Making news, especially by involving her family image on the island, Molly Marsh really stirred by the villa. But whatever is said and done, fans want to know everything about this mysterious bombshell, from who she used to date many moons ago to her old life before the island.

Here's the complete scoop on Molly Marsh, the role she plays in the Love Island villa, her family, and her beef with the other contestants of Love Island.

Who is Molly Marsh?

Molly Marsh is an islander on the new season of ITV's Love Island, and she has got to be the most popular person of the season. Being a star in the making, she is not that old and is said to be just 21 years of age. She is an Instagram star, with a ton of people following her, and with every new day, her follower counts on Instagram are just going up. This year, Molly has taken to the ITV villa to find a match among the other contestants in the show. This says that she is really hopeful about finding love, and the summer is looking good for her, going into the lovely weeks of summer. 

Molly's equation with the contestants

Molly was showing an inclination toward Mitchel, thus steering clear of the other islanders, such as George, Tyrique, and Andre. But has now coupled up with Zachariah Noble. But, knowing how Love Island works, she can expect competition from the girls, as the show goes deep into the season, in just a few weeks. Whether it is Elle, Catherine or Jess, anyone can prove to be a competition this summer. And let's face it, the viewers really want to see some drama.

The summer has just started, and fans are already excited to witness every date and dynamics between the contestants. The series led by Maya Jama always takes twisting, winding roads before fans actually know what is likely to happen. But for now, everyone seems to be enjoying the process of finding love in this day and age, with so many people as options on a romantic island.

The allegations against Molly

Just weeks into her time on the island, Marsh has managed to build quite an image for herself, given that she is the daughter of Janet Marsh, who is a star from Coronation Street. With some family drama brewing, the show that started earlier in June has gotten to a whole new level. The summer was looking good for Marsh till some reports claimed that Molly was a 'plant' on Love Island. It is said that her mother works for ITV, and got her into the series as an islander, earlier in June. But the rumours were squashed by her mother Janet who said:

I just want to put you all straight on this ‘producer plant’ rubbish.
I do NOT work for ITV!! I never have! And don’t know where this ridiculous idea has come from.

So far, Molly seems like the Queen Bee of the show, much like Maya Jama, Ekin-Su, and all the other successful women to come out of the villa, year after year.

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