Love Island: Everything we know about Mimii Ngulube as she becomes the immediate fan favourite

Love Island officially released the lineup for 2024 yesterday and one islander has already become a fan favourite. Here’s who they are and what is being said about the other contestants.

Love Island fan favourite islander 2024 Mimmi Ngulube
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Love Island fan favourite islander 2024 Mimmi Ngulube

Love Island series 11 is starting on June 3, 2024, and the show bosses just released the official lineup yesterday. 12 sexy singletons are set to enter the Majorcan villa in their attempt to find love. Amidst all the islanders set to enter the villa, some of which included rumoured islanders as well, Love Island fans have picked their favourite already. According to what's being said on Instagram and TikTok, fans are obsessed with Mimii Ngulube. One wrote:

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Mimii is already my winner. She’s stunning

Who is Mimii Ngulube - already the fan favourite?

Mimii, 24, is one of the lucky few chosen to be on the show this year. In her pre-show interview, the mental health nurse student revealed her decision to apply for the show was more spontaneous than logical. On being asked why she applied Mimii revealed that she’s looking for love and that, unfortunately, the dating pool in Portsmouth is simply ‘not giving.’ She added:

I’ve tried dating, speaking to people on social media and it just hasn’t been successful. Applying was a spontaneous thing, I didn’t expect to get here!

The islander who will be joining Olivia Attwood’s friend Ronnie Vint on the show explained she’s a girls’ girl and loves to dress up. Mimii is studying to be a mental health nurse and has also enjoyed performing in theatre shows. In a production of Grease in Portsmouth, Mimii played the part of Marty, reports The Sun.

Love Island fans on rest of the 2024 islanders

While Mimii appears to be an instant fan favourite, Love Island fans are less than impressed with the rest of the cast. Taking to Instagram and TikTok’s comment section, fans shared how all the girls look the same - ‘unnatural’ and with ‘so much lip filler.’ One wrote:

Did they just hit copy and paste for all the girls except Mimi?

Another added:

i felt like i kept seeing repeats of the same girl😭

And many others wished for bombshells to be ‘better than’ the OG islanders. One commented:

The bombshells better pull thru this year 😵‍💫😵‍💫

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