Love Island's Patsy and Munveer fail to convince fans they have a connection: ‘Each other's safe option’

Love Island’s Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal were recently seen ‘getting to know each other,’ however, fans haven’t bought their potential connection.

Love Island Patsy Field Munveer Jabbal forcing connection
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Love Island Patsy Field Munveer Jabbal forcing connection

If we’re being honest, the current Love Island villa (or at least the edit) is just revolving around Joey Essex, Harriett Blackmore and Samantha. Last night (June 5), after Uma Jammeh entered the villa and snogged all the boys, she took Ayo to the Hideaway that will not put his potential connection with Mimii - the fan favourite - in the limelight. However, apart from them, there are no connections in the villa that currently have the potential to develop.

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Amidst this, two islanders - Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal - were spotted by fans wanting to get to know each other. While some felt the two could make a good couple, other fans have slammed their ‘fake’ connection.

Love Island’s Patsy and Munveer slammed for ‘forcing’ a connection

After seeing the two have a heart-to-heart in the recent episode, fans were left convinced that the two are just using each other to stay in the villa for long. Patsy was seen opening up to Munveer about her disability - Erb's Palsy.

Seeing how the conversation went between the two, many fans took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote:

I don’t even think munveer likes patsy?? it’s just that no one else is paying attention to him.
What is with Munveer and this getting to know each other thing with Patsy?
Munveer & Patsy do not like each other one bit 😂 they’re just becoming each others safe option so they can stay in the villa

Stating that the two have no chemistry whatsoever, one other added:

I’ve had more connection with a locked WiFi network than Patsy & Munveer

This comes after the producers are rumoured to have lined up yet another celeb bombshell for the show.

Patsy and Munveer’s heart-to-heart conversation

In last night’s episode, Patsy opened up to Munveer about her disability and living with Erb's Palsy. Erb’s Palsy is a condition in which one of the arms is shorter than the other and is less functional. Munveer pulled Patsy for a chat when she started talking about her condition, reports The Sun.

She told Munveer:

I’ve got a disability, basically. I haven’t said anything to anyone yet because it’s an awkward thing to bring up. I’ve got no strength, anything above shoulder height I can’t lift.

The 30-year-old listened to her patiently and appreciated her for sharing her condition with him.

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