Love Island’s fan favourite Mimii Ngulube urged to stay away from Ayo: ‘She’s going to get hurt’

Love Island’s fan favourite Mimii Ngulube is at risk of getting her heart broken as fans warn her to stay away from Ayo Odukoya. Here’s why!

Love Island love triangle Ayo, Mimii and Uma
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Love Island love triangle Ayo, Mimii and Uma

Love Island villa has very messy links and connections right now. In just the second week of the show, there were love triangles that ended in tears and girls crying over their connections. Last week, the antics of the vila boys, especially Ayo left fans fuming as he lied to bombshell Uma after assuring Mimii she was the one for him.

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If that wasn’t enough, in a recent challenge he kissed Uma when asked to snog the islander who was ‘100% your type on paper.’

Love Island fans urge Mimii to not ‘steal’ Ayo in the recent twist

After the disrespectful kiss that left fan favourite Mimii on the verge of tears, Omar and Mimii were given an option to ‘steal an islander.’ The preview of tonight’s episode saw the pair announcing they have decided to steal, reports Mirror.

Many viewers are left hoping that Mimii wouldn’t opt to steal Ayo because he seems to be more interested in Uma than her. They took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote:

Ayo is actually one of the worst type of men ever, says he wants you but has eyes for someone else as well just disgusting.
Ayo keeps telling Mimii in different ways that he wants to get to know Uma but Mimii is still clinging on to the tiny minuscule compliments he’s giving her. She’s going to get hurt 🙄😒

Elsewhere, Ayo was seen talking to Uma about his connection with Mimii and referred to her as ‘that girl’ instead of taking her name. That further left fans furious who shared:

Want Ayo and Mimii to be endgame but not at the cost of her self respect Ayo doesn’t like the girl unfortunately
’I told the girl’ is absolutely crazy. Ok Mimii. We know what it is. Goodbye Ayo

Love Island’s Nicole gives Mimii ‘bad advice’

While fans are picking on clues that Ayo doesn’t fancy Mimii, islander Nicole is seen giving her advice to give Ayo a second chance. Seeing this, viewers became increasingly concerned for Mimii’s welfare as she lacked good advice from female islanders as well. They shared:

Nicole is giving TERRIBLE advice do NOT go after a man embarrassing you on several occasions stand tf up
Nah that’s bad advice, Nicole! The man is taking the piss don’t seek him out Mimi!

Many fans also want Mimii to call out Ayo for his unhinged behaviour.

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